How do I get my Google Account’s contacts across to my Samsung Galaxy S21?

How do I get my Google Account's contacts across to my Samsung Galaxy S21? 1

It used to be difficult, taxing, and time-consuming to move contacts recorded on a device to a SIM card. With the help of your Google Account, everything is now lot simpler. We can transfer contacts using the Google Account from Android to Android, Android to iOS, Windows to Symbian, and vice versa.

From Android to Android

First Method

On your device, go to Settings, Accounts, and then Google Account. Now is a good moment to add one if you haven’t already. Then select “Contacts” under your account by clicking it. It ought to be in sync with the Google server at this point. Repeating the identical steps on the alternate device will ensure that both the old phone and the new one receive your contacts.

Second Method

Select “Move device contacts to” under Contacts. A Google Account and your device account should both be visible as possibilities (e.g. Samsung Account). Your contacts will sync with your Google Account if you select it.

From Android to iPhone

You should adhere to the instructions provided in the earlier ways. Furthermore, when using an iOS device, go to Settings, select “Mail, contacts, and others,” and then select (add, if not already added) the Google Account. Select “Contacts” from the drop-down menu in the Google Account settings.

From Nokia Symbian to Google Account

On your computer, download the Nokia PC Suite. Then, use a USB cord to connect the device. When using the application, select “Contacts,” then “Contacts” once more, and then select the contacts you want to move. Then select File, then Export, and your contacts should be saved as a CSV file.

Go to Gmail now, select Contacts, and then click the Import Data button. All of your contacts should be synchronized with your Google Account once you locate the.csv file on your computer. In order to receive your contacts automatically, you should make sure that the contacts on your new mobile device are synchronized with your Google Account.

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