Galaxy Phone Frequently Asked

How to adjust Galaxy phone display settings?

You’ve got big plans for your phone, but will it be able to keep up? The answer is yes – your Galaxy phone can use full screen…

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Galaxy Phone change language

How to change the language on a Galaxy device

How to change the language on a Galaxy device Follow the below steps to change the language on your Galaxy device. 1-Swipe up on the home screen…

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Galaxy Fold Z

How to Change Default Apps in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3/Galaxy Z Fold 2

How do I change my default Apps on my Samsung? Resetting Default Apps on your Samsung Phone 1 Launch your Settings > Apps. 2 Tap on Choose…

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Tab S6 Hard reset

How to Data Reset your Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (Powered Off)

If the device is responsive and can be powered on, the preferred reset method should be performed. For devices with Android™ Device Protection turned on, it’s imperative Google™ sign-in credentials are known prior…

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How to turn off app background data on the Samsung Galaxy S22?

With your Samsung Galaxy utilizing extra mobile data in the background? The Samsung Galaxy S22 series can disable app background data in the following ways. On your…

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Should you charge your Smartphone overnight? 1

Should you charge your Smartphone overnight?

Once a battery has completed 500 charge-discharge cycles, its performance should begin to deteriorate. When a battery is fully charged, it goes through a complete cycle. Furthermore,…

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