10 Best Asus (14inch) Laptop Sleeves & Cases for

Asus Laptops hopes to separate itself from the pack by providing excellent capabilities in a laptop while also addressing the issue of making the laptop compact and transportable. The greatest Asus laptops are recognized for their cutting-edge technology. Even so, Asus isn’t interested in being forgotten in a crowd of laptop devices.

Asus is recognized for producing some of the greatest PCs and PC parts, but the Taiwanese company is now also producing several absolutely stunning laptops that appear as beautiful as they function. This is all despite frequently being less expensive than the rivals, making Acer and MacBook products a fight for their budget.

It’s no surprise that they’re arguably the year’s greatest laptops and desktops. The finest Asus laptops have definitely broken out of their shell, with products such as the Asus Vivobook series touting efficiency, fit and finish, and design. You also like this, Asus (15.6inch) best sleeves & cases

Now let’s take a glance at the best sleeves and cases for your Asus laptops, especially for the 14-inch size laptops.

01. Lacdo 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case

Best Overall Sleeves for ASUS 14inch Laptop

10 Best Asus (14inch) Laptop Sleeves & Cases for 1

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There’s enough room for pens, phones, cables, chargers, and a power bank, among other things. The Zipper slides effortlessly, providing easy access to your computers. Sleek, compact, and portable, it can be carried on its own or fit into a briefcase, bag, or other luggage, making it ideal for work, school, or vacation.

It is constructed of waterproof canvas fabric that efficiently blocks water and moisture. Don’t be concerned about rainfall or splashing water. With a shockproof soft lining that is extremely soft and anti-static, it can efficiently absorb shocks and prevent breakage from bumps and scrapes.

02. Amazon Basics 14-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Best for value and money

Amazon basics
image Amazon

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Multiple colors and sizes are options to safeguard your laptop. The cover protects laptops and tablets from potential harm such as shocks, scrapes, dust, and other debris. The cushioned sleeve is elegantly built so that your laptop or tablet could be readily accessible, making it ideal for travel or safekeeping.

Its thin profile and slender style enable you would use it as a stand-alone to stash it in your luggage for extra mobility and security on the go. The laptop case has a zipper design that makes it simple to open and close and provides safe storage even if you’re on the go or at leisure.

03. Ferkurn 14 inch Laptop Case Sleeve

Best Asus Laptop Carrying Bag with Handle, Black

image by Ferkurn

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Ferkurn laptop case has additional capacity for laptop peripherals such as mouse, cables, telephones, storage devices, and tablets or laptops. It even has ample storage space for papers. Great for work, college, or leisure, it’s ultra thin, lightweight, and transportable. You can carry somewhere else or insert it into your suitcase, backpack, or any other luggage.

It has a water repellant composed of water – resistant that efficiently blocks water and mist. Don’t be concerned about fluid pouring. The anti-static layer is extremely soft. It is capable of efficiently absorbing blows and reducing damage induced by incidental bumps and scuffs.

04. NIDOO 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve

Portable Carrying Bag for 14″ Notebook Laptop Water-Resistant Case

NIDOO 14 Inch Laptop Sleeve
image Amazon

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Surface frame of the sleeve is made of water-resistant work to ensure the laptop safe from spillage. The inside material, which includes a polyester foam cushioning covering and a soft fluff inner, protects your device from scratches. This laptop case fits most 14″ laptops well. Pockets provide extra carrying room for essential items like your iPad, smartphone, or laptop accessories, and the zipper construction prevents anything from falling out.

05. Lacdo Laptop case

Best Multifunctional with extra space and storage

Lacdo Laptop case
image Amazon

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The Lacdo laptop case, provides an amazing organizer. Linen fabric with a water-repellent finish: It efficiently impedes the flow of water or rainfall. This protects the inside of the sleeve and keeps it clean and secure. The waterproof fluffy fleece layer is intended for crash protection and is a robust stress insulator to decrease casual roughness. By lowering the buffering intensity, your laptop as well as other belongings are properly protected.

The dual-metal zipper is strong and slick. Permit it to glide down the closing with ease. There’s no need to be concerned about it becoming trapped or jamming at the side. The shoulder strap is detachable from the bag through a detachable hook. A rigorous approach to life, precise in every detail.

06. ikammo Laptop Sleeve Case Bag

Best for Asus Chromebook Asus Vivobook

10 Best Asus (14inch) Laptop Sleeves & Cases for 2
image Amazon

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This sleeve case for Asus laptop is smooth and anti-static, and the soft interior of the laptop Suitcase bag efficiently absorbs shocks and reduces damage from unexpected bumps and scuffs. When you wish to use it as a handbag, the lateral strap makes it easier to handle. The laptop Briefcase is constructed of strong water resistant Canvas fabric that efficiently blocks rainwater.

It’s so small and light that it may effortlessly fit inside another bag, briefcase, or suitcase. With an additional pouch on its front, you’ll have plenty of room for your mouse, earbuds, pencils, cellphone, notepads, and some other peripherals. The zipper slides easily and provides easy access.

07. 14-15 Inch Water Resistant Laptop Sleeve Briefcase

Best Water Resistant laptop sleeve


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Your laptop is a wonderful travel buddy for your gadget. As a result, you’ll want something safe and protected. Safeguard your laptop secure from shocks, scuffs, dirt, and liquids with this elegant laptop briefcase at CASEBUY, whether you’re taking the passenger train or dealing with customers. The item, which is made of smooth flannelette from the inside and extremely soft anti-static shock resistant foamy fabric on the outside.

It efficiently absorbs hits and reduces damage done by inadvertent bumps while also protecting your laptop from damages. Two front pockets and one big rear pocket provide ample storage for items such as a mouse, cable, smartphone, usb drives, usb flash drive, pencils, and other small items.

08. Smatree Hard Sleeve Case

Best Slim and Lightweight Asus Laptop Sleeve

image Amazon

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The laptop sleeve case is constructed of quality fabric and is both strong and durable. The Anti-Shock Laptop Protection sleeve shields the 14-inch laptop toward dust, pollution, trash, and scrapes, as well as bumps, shocks, and rips. Compact, transportable, and inexpensive, it can be carried on its own or fit into a bag, backpack, or other luggage.

Making it ideal for work, school, or vacation. The laptop briefcase is available in four sizes and four solid colors, giving it a modern and elegant appearance. Made from high-quality microfibre leather. Comfortable and durable extensible, ideal for lengthy periods of use when a sleeve is no longer sufficient.

09. DOMISO 14 Inch Multi-Functional Laptop Sleeve

Best for Business or Travel

DOMISO 14 Inch Multi-Functional Laptop Sleeve
image DOMISO

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The laptop sleeve is quite protective. The outside is comprised of a high-density water resistant, while the inner is constructed of a thicker, and non-woven textile which has been thoroughly examined for pressure and moisture resistance. To maintain personal belongings secure, a high-quality zipper has been extensively tested for optimum endurance and protection.

It has a shoulder strap that is removable and changeable. It may be used in a practical manner and then tucked away in the front pocket. The bag’s smooth upper handle allows you to conveniently transport your laptop for lengthy periods of time. It’s straightforward, yet it’ll be enough for all of your requirements. It’s an excellent companion for day-to-day tasks.

10. Comfyable Slim Protective Laptop Sleeve 14 Inch

for Asus 14 inch Leather Bag Waterproof Cover

Comfyable Slim Protective Laptop Sleeve

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The top inside of this 14-inch laptop case has a waterproof neoprene cover that provides extra tight coverage and avoids the zipper from rubbing. This 16-inch laptop case’s smooth inside fleece material gives a scratch-free area, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop becoming scratched or harmed.

The outside is composed of a tough, water-resistant material. When your laptop is in one of its cases, you’ll never have to bother about pouring a drink or strolling through a rainstorm. Not all laptop sleeves or bags have adequate protective cushioning to keep your laptop safe. This laptop sleeve has better foam padding that protects your laptop from minor stresses and impacts.

Tips:Laptop dimensions vary from brands and versions even it is claimed to be the same size. If the laptop sleeve is too roomy, a laptop shell can make it fit snugly. Product Color may look a little different when browsing the pictures on the different screens.

Please check the interior measurements of your laptop prior to actually making a purchase.

Our best recommendations: Lacto Sleeve it is constructed of waterproof canvas fabric that efficiently blocks water and moisture. Don’t be concerned about rainfall or splashing water. Or the Ferkurn laptop case that has additional capacity for laptop peripherals such as mouse, cables, telephones, storage devices, and tablets or laptops. It even has ample storage space for papers.

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