The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X

We have here listed the best Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface Pro X

Stylus Pen must meet these basic features such as: Easy to use, Takes notes, no bluetooth or wireless connectivity. It must also provides pinpoint accuracy ink with one end, Surface Pen offers natural writing and sketching device which now allows tilt and a natural-feeling and a rubber eraser.

The Stylus must also meets highly accurate ink towards one end and a rubber eraser on the other. It’s must be convenient than ever to take and manage notes. Provide homework, preview notes to recall your ideas better. Convey the finest illustrations and lines flawlessly mostly with Pen. Rest your palm upon its device’s screen, like you’d write on a sketchbook.

So now that you are looking for a Stylus Pen for your Microsoft Surface tablet. We have here our best recommendations Stylus pen to partnered with your device.

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01. Kimwood stylus pen

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 1

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Key Features and Details

  • Pen for Surface
  • Kimwood Stylus Pen
  • with 1024 Levels Pressure
  • Compatible with Surface Pro X
  • Including AAAA Battery
  • Spare Tip

This Stylus Pen is commonly aligned with Surface Pro X as well as other Microsoft products. This ensures reliable and flawless, and a quality built, right to the pixel, together with the 1.00mm nib sensitivity. Writing and painting is incredibly susceptible and accurate. Write and draw, and build beyond constraints, naturally.

Place your hand securely upon its screen and lean here without any interference while you type or sketch using this Windows pen, but don’t worry concerning distracting traces. To filter your paintings quickly, tilt that digital pen. It’s indeed useful for coloring and drawing and painting. Sketch and shade accurately with 1,024 pressure points which correspond to both the softest contact. 

02. RENAISSER Stylus pen

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 2

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Key Features and Details

  • RENAISSER Stylus
  • for Surface
  • Made in Taiwan
  • 4096 Pressure Sensitivity
  • 100% Match Surface Pro X
  • Magnetic Attachment
  • First D Shape Body
  • Quick Charge
  • Rechargeable

You can sit your hand peacefully upon its Surface Pro display along with the ergonomic design and palm rejecting functionality. One such stylus is simple to be used for longer periods, with a 9.2 mm diameter, a compact design and weights just 14 grams. Fits with magnetic connection, ideally connects to Surface Pro X, you can hold the pen on the tablet’s left side.

Prevent the inconvenience and loss of disposable batteries by offering ultra fast charging. For 50 hours of its use, only 20 minutes of charge generates sufficient power. This stylus is simple to use for long periods of time, with a 9.2 mm diameter, a sleek design, and a weight of just 14 grams. A one-hour charging will last for over 100 hours.

Enabled toggle strain, allows you to sketch and shade accurately with stress sensitivities which adapt to the softest contact. With palm reject functionality, which you can easily place your palm upon on display.

03. JDiction Stylus Pen

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 3

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Key Features and Details

  • JDiction Surface Pen
  • for Microsoft Surface Stylus
  • with 1024 Levels of Pressure
  • Compatible with Surface Pro X
  • 1000hrs
  • Palm Rejection

JDiction Stylus Pen offers, palm rejection, no driver or Bluetooth connection is required for the. With  1000 hours of continuous time is provided by the surface pen with an integrated battery. The role of palm rejection will immediately identify your pen, so you could feel free to relax your hand upon its surface screen, making your writing pleasant and comfortable, and no worrying regarding irritating markings.

These can reliably determine the intensity of your surface pen edge, fitted with both a detailed level of pressure sensor. JDiction Surface Pro Pen offers you real quality products at an affordable price. The best present for you and for everyone you love. With almost no latency, ink moves straight from its end of your pen to your phone. Quite convenient for sketches, designing, planning and blogging.

04. SkyMirror Surface stylus pen

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 4

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Key Features and Details

  • SkyMirror Digital Pen
  • Compatible with Surface Pro X
  • 1024 Pressure
  • Including Battery
  • Spare Tip
  • Concise
  • No pairing require

The Skymirror stylus pen is responsive which offers reliable, concise yet seamless typing and drawing capability. Start writing and sketch easily, without interruption, the ink runs out in timely manner. Skip the Bluetooth pairing process, simply mount the battery to get using this. No pairing needed. It does provide amazing performance, up to 500 hours of lengthy writing time and fitted with a battery.

The clip is made from steel, not quickly lose, yet easy to handle, this can be adsorbed on surface devices. For quick attachment to pockets and tablet cases, thanks to its incorporated metal clip. The stylus is around the size to match just about everywhere in a standard pen or pencil. It has two nibs, one pleasant and one solid, which could be used to select one that you prefers.

The screen is flexible and stable without damage. Without even being impaired, so you can place your palm safely upon this panel and lean down. You wouldn’t have to think over distracting traces, along eith the low use of power and quick sleep.

05. CreDeal Stylus pen

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 5

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Key Features and Details

  • CredDeal Surface Pen
  • for Surface Pro X/7/6/5/4/3,
  • 1024 Levels Pressure
  • Palm Rejection
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Quick Charge
  • 1 Spare Tip

The Surface stylus pen for Creddeal fits well with Surface Pro, providing broad reliability. The magnetic Connection feature palm rejection allows you to comfortably place the hand if using the stylus upon the screen. The digital pen was literally very responsive, including 1024 layers of pressure sensitivity. This includes a magnetic mechanism which ideally connects to the left hand side of your Surface Pro with ease.

Great for writing, illustrating, labeling, filing or note taking. This can easily minimize latency. Absolutely precise handwritten replication, just like you’d on a piece of paper. With little visible delay between some of the end of both the pen and the line.

The active Stylus could be recognizes the Micro USB from mobile phones, tables, to prevent problems waste caused from disposable batteries. It is used for approximately 80 hours per 20 minutes of charging and it can be powered up for one and a half hours, and surviving more than 1,200 hours.


The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 6

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Key Features and Details

  • Stylus Pen for Microsoft Surface Pro X
  • Palm Rejection
  • 1024 Pressure
  • High accuracy
  • Low latency
  • Replaceable tip
  • Convenient
  • Portable

This stylus pen offers a pleasant impression of handwriting while you write without pause on paper. Bringing you a relaxed feeling while you write or sketch. It does have a mechanism for palm rejection, so there’s no need to put anti-friction gloves or palms away from the screen. It doesn’t need to connect to drivers or Wireless, as well as the integrated nature including its Right Click and Delete function liberates you to complete dependency on using a computer mouse.

Only change the thickness of the mark through raising or lowering the intensity for coloring or enhanced clarity. Which allow you feel casual and comfortable once browsing the Internet, write notes, paint pastels, create illustrations or label records. It consists of a body made from aluminum alloy. The nature of the Pen Clip is very compact, quickly attached to any bags, documents, etc.

07. New Microsoft Surface Slim Pen

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 7

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Key Features and Details

  • Redesigned
  • Rechargeable
  • Draw and Write
  • Slim pen
  • Easy to hold

Write and sketch in real time, through this Microsoft stylus pen making the revamped slim stylus pen. You can easily jot down things, and take notes. For outstanding pressure sensitivity, each Surface Thin Pens delivers real-time writing. On one end, with an accurate inking tip that lets shift includes an eraser. Small, compact, simple to keep and manage is the latest design.

With a modern, small, efficient design and a seamless on-screen handwriting interface, the Surface Slim Pen is improved then ever before. Try to draw, color, and paint with creative accuracy and outstanding performance with pressure points can react to the thinnest contact.  Its redesigned, rechargeable, and the pen can written like what on a paper. Just like you would do with a graphite pencil, rotate the tip to tint your sketches. Just like with the eraser on the graphite pencil, an eraser upon its tail end rubs the errors away.

08. Zapados

The Best Stylus Pen for Surface Pro X 8

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Key Features and Details

  • Zapados Active Pen
  • for Microsoft Surface
  • 4 Pen Tips
  • Palm Rejection
  • No bluetooth require
  • High sensitivity
  • long lifespan

The Stylus for Surface Pro delivers a palm rejection feature that lets you to conveniently sit your palm on the screen by using a productive stylus pen. The initial nibs also have long lifespan and the screen is secured. Non driver or Bluetooth settings are appropriate. Along with a  High sensitivity and thus no pressure point lag have incredibly sensitive and specific feedback in painting and reading.

Whenever the device recognize that the stylus touch pen is running, certain indicators upon its device including the palm or hand scanning upon on display should be blocked instantly to prevent incorrect action, and then enable the writing or drawing comfortably and naturally. The actual nibs get a high durability to safeguard the screen. No interrupt, no shattered lines, just like a true pen. Help wipe away and right-click feature for simpler use, just press the certain launch button for writing.

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