The best Microsoft Surface Go 2 Screen Protectors

The Microsoft Surface GO 2 does not include a pen or a cover. With a larger 10.5-inch display, the New Surface Go 2 is ideal for travel. Higher resolution and good battery life are all advantages. With a 10.5-inch screen, you’ll be able to see more and it can keep it going with you as well as your friends. Combining its stunning screen and speakers, premier technology for video calls, dependable execution, most significantly, flexible design.

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Take a look at the best Surface Go 2 screen protectors.

01. SPARIN Screen Protector



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Key Features and Details

  • SPARIN [2-Pack]
  • Screen Protector
  • Compatible with Microsoft Surface Go 2
  • Tempered Glass,
  • High Responsive
  • Scratch Resistant

Only 0.3mm thick, it’s very thin and light. Original and spectacular reading pleasure and feelings are maintained by high definition brightness. The screen protector for the Surface Go safeguards your tablet against scratches and roughness caused by keys, knives, and other hard items. Either you’re utilizing a touchscreen or a Surface Pen, the same multi-touch sensitivity is maintained.

02. Supershieldz Screen Protector


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Key Features and Details

  • Supershieldz
  • Designed for Microsoft Surface Go 2
  • Screen Protector
  • Anti Glare
  • Anti Fingerprint
  • Matte Shield

True touch responsiveness for a realistic feel and pinpoint precision on touch screens. The air-exhausting stickiness ensures that the tempered glass instantly adheres to the mobile phone in a seamless, hassle-free, manner, leaving zero trace when removed. It shields your screen against scrapes, dirt, and scuffs on a regular basis. Composed of strong Japanese PET film that is simple to deploy and uninstall with no residue.

03. OMOTON 3 Pack Screen Protector



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Key Features and Details

  • 9H Hardness
  • HD Tempered Glass
  • For Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5 inch

This Surface Go glass screen has curved corners and a pleasant touch around the edges, as well as a simple application adhesive. The touchscreen of the Surface Go 2 is best protected by laser-cut measurements. Scratch resistance might help to protect your gadget against bumps and damage. Clear vision is provided by high resolution retina sharpness. Moisture and oil residue from fingerprints are protected by the oleophobic screen layer.

04. Surface Go 2 Screen Protector Glass


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Key Features and Details

  • amfilm Tempered Glass
  • Compatible with Surface Go 2

Scratch-resistant, robust, crystal clear, and long-lasting, highly durable Tempered Glass is provided. For the best screen protection, each protector is individually tailored. The protector protects your device against everyday wear and damage while also reducing fingerprints and splotches with an oleophobic layer. 2 Screen Protectors, assembly directions, dust extraction stickers, wet and drying clothe, and a Microfiber Wipe to eliminate bubbles are all included.

05. ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector


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Key Features and Details

  • ArmorSuit MilitaryShield
  • for Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5 Inch
  • Max Coverage
  • Anti-Bubble
  • HD Clear Film
  • Made in USA

Scratch-resistant, durable, clear, yellow-resistant material is specifically suited at each item and tablet, providing full shell and screen protection. Ultra high definition, crystal clear and very slim, and it precisely fits the curves of your smartphone. Quick installation with elastic material ensures optimum complete coverage on curved corners and borders.  It includes self-healing innovation, that enables the film remove tiny scratches on its own. Dust, grease, and fingerprint blemishes are considerably reduced.

06. Megoo Glass Screen Protector


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Key Features and Details

  • Megoo Glass Screen Protector
  • for Surface Go 2 10.5 Inch
  • Tempered Glass
  • Easy Installation
  • Scratch resistant
  • Precise Cutouts
  • Works with Surface Pen

It retains the sensitivity of the initial reaction with your Surface Go 2, the Protector delivers excellent, intuitive viewing. The stickiness enables the tempered glass to instantly connect with the mobile device effortlessly, hassle-free, and the glass screen protector leaves no residue when removed. The Go 2 screen has a 9H durability, is impact resistant, and is robust for usage and complete coverage of your surface.

07. Uogic Paperfeel Screen Protector


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Key Features and Details

  • Uogic Paperfeel
  • Screen Protector
  • for Microsoft Surface Go 2 10.5 inch
  • Writing Like on Paper
  • Ultra Sensitive
  • No Glare
  • No Fingerprint

The Uogic Paperfeel is very thin, retaining the very same tactile responsiveness on the Surface Go 2 screen following having pasted, and having no effect on the design or feel. High-quality Japanese PET material provides high-transparency, invisible security, wearing, and impact toughness, and prevents eye injury from sun reflection.

08. Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector


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Key Features and Details

  • Spigen Tempered Glass
  • Screen Protector
  • Designed for Surface Go 2
  • 9H Hardness
  • Case-Friendly

The exact cutout allows the gadget to work perfectly. With 9H strength glass, strengthened for long-term wear and tear resistance. Stronger layers are designed to preserve the screen safe. Touch sensitivity ensures quick access and also no lag time. The original screen luminosity is preserved thanks to high sharpness. It inhibits grease and fingerprints when used in conjunction with the Oleophobic finish.

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