Is having a Phone Case really necessary?

Is having a Phone Case really necessary? 1

According to the Kelton Research Smartphone Protection Survey, the smartphone owners who have damaged their phones have scratched the screen, 29% spilled a drink on it, 29% dropped it down the stairs, and 20% dropped it in the toilet.

Case are dirt trap and add bulk

Every case that we buy is necessary to give extra protection to our phones, but phone cases sometimes add extra bulk to the phone, especially the rugged case, which is made with hard plastic. Although they are important things for protection, The phone case is also a dirt and dust magnet for our phone. When you remove the case, you will find the dirt trap inside the case and surface of the phone. Not only that, a case also adds extra weight to your phone, and there is a certain height when a phone will be damaged or shatter when it is dropped.

Aside from the disadvantages of wearing a phone case, such as dirt accumulation on the case, extra bulk, and weight on your phone, One thing is certain: your phone still requires a case.

A phone case is a big help, more so if you are a clumsy person and you always drop things easily in your hand. Carrying your phone without a case on is like a soldier that is an open target for the enemy. In a more complex example, our delicate brain is protected by the hard skull to protect it. So, to make it simpler, it’s a good idea to get a phone case as soon as you get a new phone. Spending money on the case is not comparable to what you spend on the smartphone.

Smartphones can withstand drops

Most smartphones are built tough, especially the pricey ones from the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Manufacturers added strong and high-quality materials to withstand minimal drops from a minimal height. However, as the phone aged, its parts aged as well, because they were not designed to last any longer.

For an additional safeguard, you can pair the case with a tempered glass screen protector for the screen display of the phone. Like Supershieldz or SPARIN, for the case there is the Spigen, Otterbox, or Urban Armor Gear.

Choose inexpensive case

Phone cases are not that pricey. Their prices range from $5 for the cheapest one, and may range up to $20 for the most expensive one. Cases can be bought online at Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BestBuy, or you can buy them directly from physical stores near you. 

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