The initial developer preview of Android 14 is currently accessible

The initial developer preview of Android 14 is currently accessible 1

We now have our first-ever glimpse at Android 14 thanks to Google’s release of the first developer preview. Additionally, we get to see a brand-new emblem that appears to be modeled after NASA space mission patches. In order to ensure optimal resource utilization and longer battery life, Android 14 will put a strong emphasis on background processing optimization.

The newest OS was developed with tablets and foldable devices in mind. We should anticipate even more improvements for large-screen devices, as Google states that Android 14 “builds on the work done in Android 12L and Android 13 to accommodate tablets and flexible form factors.”

Every new Android release emphasizes security, and version 14 will prevent the installation or sideloading of outdated Android applications that are designed for earlier OS versions. In order to be more precise, Android 14 forbids the installation of apps with a targetSdkVersion lower than level 23, which corresponds to Android 6.

The initial developer preview of Android 14 is currently accessible 2

In order to eliminate any chance of code injection, Google is also introducing a ton of system-level security improvements, such as runtime receivers and read-only dynamic code loading. For simpler authentication and password management, support for Credential Manager and Passkey is also included.

Non-linear font scaling, a useful accessibility feature, will be pre-installed in Android 14. The OS will also apply customized scaling for smaller sub-menu text items. Users will be able to resize system fonts up to 200%. Along with additional customization choices, Android 14 will continue the work begun with Android 12’s Material Design.

The second developer preview of Android 14 is expected to be released in March, and Google will keep releasing fresh developer previews every month until July, when we can anticipate the second stable release of Android 14, which will be followed by the consumer-ready version in August or September.

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