The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans to Sign Up

If you make a purchase through one of the links below, we and our publishing partners could receive a commission. For a beautiful new smartphone, you might be prepared to shell out hundreds of dollars, but when it comes to the service plan, you’ll want to reduce your ongoing monthly cost to a minimal. You may select a plan from one of the big players, but smaller carriers, sometimes referred to as MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), can use the larger networks to support their own networks and provide even more cost-effective options. This may be a better choice if you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles.

Overall, many carriers—large and small—offer cheap plans that contain only the things you’ll actually need. In certain circumstances, you can obtain things like unlimited data for a reasonable price with a few restrictions. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top affordable phone plans available right now.

1. Tello

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans to Sign Up 1
  • $19/mo. for 5GB data, unlimited talk minutes
  • Light to medium users, young students, budget-conscious people looking for the cheapest option possible
  • Tello’s talk and text plan is just $8 a month

Tello, On the T-Mobile network, Tello offers a variety of plans, from those with unlimited data to those with none at all (but hey, even Grandma wants to play her online games!). There is really no reason to pay for more than you can use if you find that you only use 2 to 4GB per month from the occasional on-the-go stream or from utilizing a navigation app. You could only require 5GB total per month at 5G speeds (with a compatible phone), in which case this package is a deal at around $20.

What’s best? Even if your plan’s 5GB data maximum has been met and you still have a few days left, you may still stream data at 2G rates. This is enough for checking email, but not for streaming a movie. You also receive free SMS text messaging in addition to unlimited calling minutes (for those who still prefer conversing through text) to more than 60 different countries. The “Smart” plan from Tello isn’t the most affordable option, but it will probably be adequate for most users. Additionally, you may change the data, voice, and text choices to view pricing and better tailor the plan to your preferences.

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2. Visible

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans to Sign Up 2
  • One-line wireless for $25/mo
  • Best for: Families, travelers, heavier users
  • No data option: All Visible plans come with unlimited data as a default.

In addition to unlimited data, Visible, which is owned by Verizon, offers a lot for just $25 per month (on sale from the typical price of $30 per month). There are certain limitations, such as the fact that the maximum resolution for video is 480p and that your streaming may not receive priority if the network is busy. However, this can be a perfect plan for you if you want to watch, download, surf, and do other things to your heart’s content without worrying about overage fees.

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3. Mint Mobile

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans to Sign Up 3
  • $15/mo. for 15GB data, unlimited talk and text
  • For a limited time, get any 3-month plan at our lowest price.

In order to make inexpensive mobile phone service a reality, Mint Mobile has created billboards and advertisements that prominently feature actor Ryan Reynolds. Right now, Mint Mobile, which uses the T-Mobile network, is offering its second-tier plan for just $15 per month, which is normally the price of the entry plan with only 5GB of data. This one comes with 15GB of 5G and 4G LTE data for heavy users who want to do things like stream videos and music, post huge files to social media, and more (using whichever is stronger at any given time).

If you use more than 40GB per month, you will experience slower speeds, although it takes a lot to reach that amount. Additionally, only 480p videos stream. The package also offers limitless call and text. Remember that this introductory pricing is only valid for the first three months of service; however, you should be able to renew your subscription at a price that’s just as attractive once that period has passed, or even reduce if you discover that you aren’t consuming as much data as you had anticipated.

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4. Google Fi

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans to Sign Up 4
  • Simply Unlimited
  • Unlimited Plus
  • Flexible

Google Fi, which uses the T-Mobile network, isn’t the most cost choice available, but its most basic plan is perfect for people who frequently travel abroad and use their phone as a hotspot to connect other devices. Unlimited 5G data is included in the package, although it slows down at 35GB (which is really difficult to reach in a single month!). However, you also receive 5GB of hotspot tethering each month.

You may make inexpensive calls to more than 200 locations worldwide in addition to free calls and texts within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Because the plans are adaptable, you may choose a different one if you decide that this one doesn’t fit your demands or, conversely, is too much. Additionally, there are family plans for several lines. You may test Google Fi for 7 days before deciding to commit for a month or longer. A flexible plan is also available for $20 a month plus an extra $10 per gigabyte of data utilized. You’ll play a constant $30 a month if you estimate you’ll use less than 10GB, which may be more in line with your desire to save money.

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5. Metro by T-Mobile

The 5 Best Cheap Phone Plans to Sign Up 5
  • Get $25/mo. for one line of Unlimited 5G.
  • Unlimited 5G for $25/mo. for one line when you switch & bring your phone to Metro.

When you choose AutoPay, which automatically charges your debit or credit card each month, Metro, T-Mobile’s cost-effective service choice, provides a $30 monthly plan. Unlimited call and text as well as 5GB of data are included in the package. You may then select other options, such international calling. When transferring four lines to Metro, you may take advantage of a promotion that offers unlimited 5G for $25 per line per month when you make your purchase in-person. If there is network congestion, data is throttled after 35GB per month while video streams in standard definition quality.

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