Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus

SAMSUNG NOTE 10 PLUS – was launched and released on August 8, 2019 in Brooklyn City, New York, USA. They have a pre-order for those who want to have the much awaited Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. The screen on the NOTE 10 PLUS is curved from edge to edge and measures 6.8 inches.

The rear camera has a 12MP resolution and a 2160p resolution, as well as 12GB RAM and a 4300mAh non-removable li-on battery. The body and screen display of the NOTE 10 PLUS are made of Corning Gorilla Glass, an aluminum frame and are made of glass on the back and front. It runs Android 9.0 Pie and is powered by a dual Octa-core Exynos Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

We randomly show you the best Tempered glass screen protector to Armor your Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 NOTE 10+ PLUS.


Delta shield

DELTA SHIELD is comes with 2 packs of anti-bubble military grade clear TPU film.

Key Features Very much compatible with Galaxy Note 10 plus and support fingerprint scanner just turn on touch sensitivity. It provides 99.9% ultra clear HD light resistant, prevents yellowing to maintain screen in crystal clear for enhanced viewing. With self healing technology that small scratches and scuffs automatically disappear. It is extremely durable rugged film that adheres to the curved edges screen display of the Note 10 plus and it gives a lifetime warranty. – Available on AMAZON

2 – IQ SHIELD – for 6.8″ Note 10 plus Liquid skin anti-bubble clear film

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 1

IQ SHIELD is a case friendly screen protector comes with 2 packs.

Key Features: Fingerprint compatible work with Galaxy Note 10 plus sensor fingerprint. IQ Shield is the leading manufacturer when it comes to protective film for the latest Smartphones and gadgets. It is touch sensitivity just go to phone settings to adjust the touch sensitivity. It has the Smart film tech that works the self healing properties to recover from minor scratches to keep your phone looks great. – BUY ON AMAZON

3 – ILLUMISHIELD – Aquashield screen protector 2 packs HD Clear flexible TPU film

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 2

ILLUMISHIELD is one of the best screen protector that have a great value for the price.

Key Features: Best quality product with easy installation. Compatible with fingerprint scanner will not impede the function. It keeps the device in his fully responsive and smooth touch sensitivity. It is made from military grade protective film that protects the phone from scratches, dents and scrapes. – BUY ILLUMISHIELD FROM AMAZON

4 – ARMOR SUIT – military shield screen protector for Note 10 plus

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 3

ARMOR SUIT is anti bubble with HD clear film case friendly compatible for Note 10 plus 6.8″ inch. Great value for the price it perfectly fits for the Note 10 plus.

Key features: Perfect fit made with precise cuts to make an exact fitting on the curved edge of the phone. With self healing technology that eliminate minor scratches on the film. Easy to install with aligning guide to prevents dust from application. – BUY ON ARMOR SUIT AMAZON

5 – XCLEAR – Friendly case anti scratch HD protector


XCLEAR comes with 3 packs of crystal clear HD screen protector friendly case perfectly fits to your Samsung Note 10 plus.

Key Features XCLEAR is fingerprint sensor compatible and made it from ultra thin design provides touch screen sensitivity. It perfectly fits to the curved edges of Note 10 plus with guide and installation kit. The Xclear has the HD transparent clarity that provides quality viewing and touch compatible. Case friendly and compatible to most Samsung Note 10 plus Cases, with anti-smudge prevent from dirt, fingerprint, oil and sweat. – BUY FROM AMAZON

6 – AM FILM – Screen Protector Tempered glass with dot matrix

amfilm for note 10 plus

Compatible for Galaxy NOTE 10 Plus – comes with Easy installation guide for easy application.

Key Features: Tempered glass 3D curved full coverage if the Note 10 plus 6.8 inch. It guarantees no bubbles on your screen upon installation thanks to the adhesive edges for a bubbles free on installation. It has an invisible Dot Matrix that maximizing touchscreen sensitivity. With oleophobic coating that gives fingerprint resistant oil residue resistant and minor scratches resistant. – ORDER NOW ON AMAZON AMFILM


Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 4

Best Screen protector for GALAXY NOTE+ 6.8 (not for Note 10)

Looking for a quality Screen Protector to Armor your SAMSUNG NOTE 10 PLUS 6.8″ inch. Here is the LK to protect your Phone from drops and bumps to shield your screen from hard hits. Flexible Film comes in 3 packs to give an extra one to your friends or family. GET LK SCREEN PROTECTOR ON AMAZON

8 – DOME GLASS – Tempered Glass screen protector for NOTE 10+ & NOTE 10+ 5G

dome glass for note 10

DOME GLASS screen protector for NOTE PLUS 6.8″ (not for Note 10 6.4) – One pack only full 3D curved edge covered with easy to install kit.

Key Features: Durable Tempered Glass screen protector. With Ultrasonic Fingerprint that offers strongest security to protect the phone screen. With LOCA or the Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive technology that heals minor cracks and scratches on the screen. Premium materials with oleophobic coating to protects against wet sweat and anti fingerprint to keeps the screen clear. – GET IT IN AMAZON

9 – RINGKE – Dual Easy Film for NOTE 10 PLUS & NOTE 10 5G

ringke for note 10 plus

RINGKE – DUAL EASY FILM designed for GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS and NOTE 10 5G. It has the easy application, Self dust removal and full screen coverage.

Key Features: Multiple Protection it has the multi-layers front protect film, dual easy film, dust removing and alignment film and the back protective film by this multi-layers it gives a total protection from a daily scratches. It gives an extreme High Definition clear quality with Scratch Resistant and optimal and natural viewing experience on your phone. – ORDER IT NOW ON AMAZON

10 – UNIQUE ME – Touch Sensitive Soft TPU Film screen protector

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 5

Unique Me – Screen Protector TOUCH SENSITIVE, TPU Clear soft film and Case friendly.

Key Features: The screen protector is a case friendly for most case of Note 10 plus. It has an Easy installation guide for an easy application. Support on fingerprint recognition gives a highly sensitive response. With self healing technology within 24 hours eliminate the bubbles and any minor scratches. It has an anti oil stains and Fingerprint resistant. – Unique ME Protector buy on AMAZON

11 – SPIGEN – NEOFLEX Screen protector for Galaxy NOTE 10 Plus

spigen neopflex for note 10 plus

SPIGEN NEOFLEX – screen protector for NOTE 10 PLUS

Key Features: Compatible only for NOTE 10 PLUS. It has the healing materials for the screen protector to fit totally on the screen just wait for 24 hours to do it. It is Case friendly compatible to most Note 10 plus cases specially for Spigen CASES. Flexible film and easy to install see for the tutorials. – ORDER ON AMAZON SPIGEN NEOFLEX

12 – XCLEAR – Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 Plus tempered glass


XCLEAR – Tempered Glass screen protector for NOTE 10+ Plus with Superior strength offers durable and tough screen protector and gives scratch resistant.

Key Features: Superior Strength scratch resistant. Fully transparent Glass that gives touch sensitivity and Case Friendly for most Note 10 plus cases. Ultimate Scratch protection thanks to 9H hardness that gives ultra scratch resistant to sharp objects. XCLEAR is a 3D technology screen protector that perfect for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus. It is Sensor compatible for the fingerprint unlock ID. – Xclear Screen Protector buy on AMAZON

13 – WRJ – Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 10 PLUS 5G

note 10 plus

WRJ – Screen Protector made of TPU FILM with hydrate skin not made a glass, It is anti-scratch and flexible film.

Key Features: Made with Oleophobic coating to reduce appearance of smudges resist oil residue and gives fingerprint resistant. Ultra clear HD shows and reveal true colors and brightness of the screen. The surface of the screen protector is smoother than any other brands.

The unique features of this product is offers dust proof, scratch resistant, resistance to Blu-ray, explosion proof and design with arc technology with full coverage protection on your Samsung Note 10 plus.


14 – ESR – TPU FILM Screen Protector for NOTE 10 PLUS

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 6

ESR is comes with 2 packs of durable clear screen protector for your NOTE 10 PLUS.

Key Features: It supports Fingerprint Unlocking system. Easy to install the screen protector there is no spray needed just use the squeegee to install it properly, use wet wipe and then the soft cloth and dust removal sticker to thoroughly clean the screen before applying the ESR SCREEN PROTECTOR.

With full coverage on the 6.8 inch screen display of the NOTE 10+ Ultra thin and highly flexible edge to edge protection and fit all most Cases. Fluid touch control simply adjust phone’s sensitivity touchscreen. And also supports Face ID Recognition.- ORDER NOW ON AMAZON ESR SCREEN PROTECTOR

15 – ESR – Tempered Glass designed for NOTE 10 PLUS

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 7

ESRElectronic Silk Road Corp. – is edge to edge full coverage protection Case friendly compatible to most NOTE 10 plus cases.

Key Features: Stress free installation – Simply align the protector on the top edge of the screen, then slowly put it on the screen and then wait for the bubbles to disappear. The ESR is 3x stronger than any other brands and can withstand by up to 5kg of force it passes a 5kg of force resistant test.

It is also a scratch resistant and fingerprint resistant to make the screen flawlessly ultra clear. Very high responsive – just go to the phone settings and adjust the touch sensitivity. BUY ESR SCREEN PROTECTOR ON AMAZON

16 – STARRED – 2 Packs TPU film for 6.8 inch NOTE 10 Plus

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plus 8

STARRED – Screen Protector TPU SOFT FILM curved edge bubble free HD Clear flexible shield.

Key Features: Comes with 2 packs of TPU FILM curved edge HD clear flexible shield. Easy to install just follow their guidelines to install with bubble free and cover the curved edge of the NOTE 10+. Anti-fingerprint – oils and stains can be easy to wipe on the screen surface. Case friendly – it is compatible to most cases designed for your Note 10+. High Responsive – it is touch sensitive and provide maximum HD clarity. – ORDER NOW STARRED ON AMAZON


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