Best note 8 Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy mobile phone screens are made from hard and durable materials. The screen of the Galaxy Note 8 is made of hard Corning Gorilla Glass, but it is not scratch-resistant, and scratches and scuffs may occur during normal use. So it must have a screen protector to cover the screen.

We Randomly select all the BEST SCREEN PROTECTOR for Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 to protect your phone from any possible that may cause damage to your phone screen.

Protects and shield your Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 with durable and scratch proof SCREEN PROTECTORS.

1   –  ARMOR SUIT HD Clear anti-bubble film for NOTE 8

armor suit screen protector note 8

ARMOR SUIT is made with precise cutouts cover the curved edge of NOTE8. Military shield features the self healing technology that eliminates minor scratches on the screen protector. It is also anti fingerprint reduces dust and eliminates oil residue and smudges.

Made from scratch proof flexible film materials will fully protect the screen of Note 8. HD Ultra clear ultra thin responsive touch sensitivity anti-yellowing and covered the edge to edge of Curved screen of Galaxy Note-8.  –  GET THIS ARMOR SUIT NOW AT AMAZON

2.   –  AMFILM by Techmatte screen protector for Samsung NOTE 8

amfilm best selling screen protector note 8

One of the best selling Screen Protector is the AMFILM by Techmatte. Full body screen coverage of the curved edge of NOTE 8, easy to install using the tray for easy installation bubble free. Ultra thin with only 0.3mm thickness resilient and touchscreen sensitive and responsive.

Made from durable film 9H hardness scratch resistant anti fingerprint anti yellowing  resist minor scratches from sharp objects keys and coins. Inside the box includes 1glass screen protector, 1 easy installation tray, wet and dry wipes and dust sticker removal.   –  BUY ONE NOW ON AMAZON

3   –  IQShield LiquidSkin Full coverage for Note 8

Best note 8 Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 1

IQShield is comes with 2 packs of case friendly screen protector for Samsung Note 8 phablet smartphones. With installation tray for easy guide installation for the Film. It is case friendly compatible with most Note 8 cases with extra space on borders for the case. IQShield is using a flexible film made of thermoplastic polyurethane design to be tough scratch resistant.

With self healing technology the film will recover from minor scratches made by keys and other sharp rough objects. It perfectly fit and covered the curved edge of Note 8. Upon installation simply squeegee thoroughly for bubble free application. – BUY ONE NOW AT AMAZON


4   –  SPIGEN NEOFLEX SCREEN PROTECTOR anti-scratch For Galaxy NOTE 8

Best note 8 Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 2

SPIGEN NEOFLEX screen protector offers scratch resistant, case friendly, ultra clear high response and easy to install. It is made from premium tempered glass with 9H hardness guarantees scratch proof.

It is ultra clear and thin with 0.3mm thickness touchscreen sensitive. Oleophobic coating for fingerprint and smudge resistant. Comes with 2 packs to share the other one with friend or to your relatives.   –  BUY ONE NOW AT AMAZON


Best note 8 Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 3

2 Packs of Tempered Glass screen protector 9H hardness anti-scratch anti-bubble HD Ultra clear. The Quesple is Anti Scratch made from 9H hardness scratch proof surface even from sharp objects. Perfectly fit with the curved designed edges of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  It has Oleophobic coating resist from oil residue fingerprint and easy to clean.

It is also Case Friendly design compatible to most Note 8 cases. Before installation clean thoroughly with wet wipe use the dust absorber to eliminates all dust then line up the screen protector with the phone screen and that is it. If there is a spot or bubble you can re-install the film just gently peel it off and re-install the screen protector.   –  BUY ONE NOW AT AMAZON


Best note 8 Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8 4

JEHOO screen protector offers Ultra HD Clear full coverage High touch sensitivity and Anti-scratch. It comes with 2 packs to share the other one with your friend and loveones. Made from high quality TPU Film scratch proof  waterproof high responsive edge to edge cover and zero bubbles.

Easy to install first remove the first layer and third layer the TPU Screen Protector is the second layer.

It provides great transparency ultra clear thin touch sensitivity made from premium quality film provides scratch resistant from keys or coins. Made with oleophobic coating for fingerprint and oil residue resistant easy to clean. Package includes 2 Aqua film, dust cloth, wet foam, dust removal, and squeeze card.  –  BUY NOW ON AMAZON

7  –  SKINOMI NOTE 8 Screen Protector

Skinomi case friendly 2pack screen protector for note 8

Skinomi is case friendly TechSkin full coverage HD anti-bubble film. With military grade TPU film provide high grade scratch proof from sharp objects, anti yellowing. Also with self healing properties and even repair scratches, case friendly with enough room around the screen for the case of Note 8 to fit properly. Skinomi provides easy installation using wet-install method. Inside the box is 2packs Film screen protection microfiber cloth installation solution.  BUY ONE NOW ON AMAZON

8  –  TAURI Tempered Glass for NOTE 8 screen protector

case friendly tempered glass

TAURI screen protector features shatterproof, anti-scratches, reduce fingerprint, high responsive and precise cutouts. It provides easy installation using the alignment tray to help you accurately position the screen protection. It also offers ultimate clarity ensures 99.9% transparency that gives High Definition image clarity.

Made from 9H hardness materials which is highly durable scratch resistant from keys and sharp objects. TAURI is made of tempered glass with precise cutouts rounded edges it weighs about 3.52 ounce.  –  ORDER ONE NOW AT AMAZON

9  –  DOME GLASS Screen Protector for Galaxy NOTE 8

dome glass full edge cover for note 8

Dome Glass offers 2 packs of tempered glass shield easy install kit full 3D curved edge for Galaxy Note 8. It uses a Liquid Dispersion Technology provides great coverage screen protector from scratches and scuffs. With bubble free installation kit to avoid errors from installing and bubbles.

It uses White Stone Glass that decreases the amount of blue light by up to 25 percent to protect you from emitting wavelength cause by blue light which may harmful to our eyes in long term exposure. –  BUY ONE NOW ON AMAZON

10  –  NEWSPOINT Screen Protector for NOTE 8

newspoint privacy anti spy for note 8

Newspoint is a Privacy anti-spy tempered glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It is made from 9H hardness scratch resistant from sharp objects like keys and other hard objects. The privacy screen will effectively protect your screen information from left and right sides.

Other features of this item are anti-explosion, waterproof, shatterproof, anti-fingerprint and sensitive touch. The ultra thin screen protection  gives full compatibility touch sensitivity and preserves phones original touch. Glass materials are made of 9H hardness that provides great protection scratch resistant and reduce screen damage.


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