Top Earner Bloggers And Blog Sites In the World

Here are the Top Blogs site in the World and how much they earn from blogging?


Monthly Visitors: 8 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #7, 928

Estimate Earnings from Adsense:

PhoneArena is one of the Leading Mobile Technology in the world with an estimated Monthly visitors of of 8 million. Most of their content is about Smartphones reviews, comparisons, updates, specs and Price of the latest cell phone released in the market.

PhoneArena rank 7,928 in Global according to AlexaRank. His competitors are, GsmArena, Gadgetsnow, AndroidAuthority and Gizmochina. This Sites has a more than 4,000 links on PhoneArena. Most visitors that visits PhoneArena comes from United States, India and South Korea.

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17 – T3.COM

Monthly Visitors: 8 million

ALEXA Global Rank: #6,114

Estimated Earnings from Adsense: $16,000 – $80,000 monthly

T3.COM is a website company owned by Future Plc based in United Kingdom. It is a technology magazine that specializes in gadgets, gizmos, and technology. has a roughly estimated monthly visitors of 8 million unique visitors every month. With an estimated monthly earning of $16,000 – $80,000 from Google Adsense only. competitors are,, Trustedreviews, Pocket-lint, and T3 global rank is 6,114 according to Alexarank. Main audience of T3 are comes from United States 24%, India 13% and United Kingdom 12%.

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16 – TechCrunch

Monthly Visitors: 11 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #1,672

Estimated monthly Earnings: $22,000 – $110,000

TechCrunch was launched in June 10, 2005 and currently active. It is an American online publisher that focus on creating content about technology news, tech reviews, and trends in tech. The website was created by Michael Arrington and Keith Teare, the Editor is Matthew Panzarino. TechCrunch competitive sites are, TheVerge, Crunchbase, EndGadget and CNBC

TechCrunch has an estimated monthly hisitors of 11 million unique Visitors every month. The TechCrunch website earn every month from Adsense with an estimated Earnings that reached to $22,000 – $110,000 dollars from Adsense ads.

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15 –

Monthly Visitors: 12 million

Alexa Global Rank: #325

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $25,000 – $60,000 from Adsense is created by Simon Asaad and David Carson, available in English and Spanish. have a daily pageviews of 1.91 million. Total Sites link to the site reached 14,719. The website launched on September 23, 1998 best competitors are, Newsweek,, TMZ, and Gamerant. They rank 325 globally, most Visitors came from 85% in United States, 3.77% in Canada and 2.26% in United Kingdom. The site offers news content about trending technology topics.

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14 – Android Central

Monthly Visitors: 13.2 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #2,860

Estimated monthly Earnings: $26,400 – $66,000 from Adsense

AndroidCentral most of traffic came from United States, India and Canada. It has 4,005 total Sites link on it. The site rank 1,837 in U.S, rank 1,536 in India and rank 1,593 in Canada.

They provides news, reviews and latest trends about latest technology mostly on Smartphones, latest gadgets, Cameras, and many more. Specializes on making reviews about the latest Smartphones and gadgets.

AndroidCentral competitors site are xda-developers, AndroidAuthority, VerizonWireless and

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13 – Mashable

Monthly Visitors: 13.1 million

Alexa Global Rank: 1,869

Estimated monthly Earnings: $26,400 – $66,000

Mashable website is founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005. It was founded in July 19, 2005, their headquarter are located in New York city. And the website is available in English and in French.

Mashable is rank at 1,818 globally according to Alexa, in United States it was rank 724, rank 1,055 in India and rank 1,146 in Canada. Most of his Visitors came from the U.S. With total of 38,203 that links on this sites. According to Mashable they have 45 million monthly visitors, 28 Million social media followers and 7.5 million month shares.

Mashable is a global multi-platform media and entertainment company. Mashable claims that they are the go-to source content around the globe for tech, digital culture and entertainment. Mashable competitors are TheVerge, TechCrunch, BusinessInsider and Wired.


Monthly Visitors: 16.1 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #1,027

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $32,000 – $80,500

PCMAG or also known as PC Magazine is an American computer magazine publisher. They started to go online in late 1994 and up to present. The website is based in New York and available in English language. The website editor name is Dan Acosta.

PCMAG best contenders are, TechRadar, Digitaltrends, Tomsguide and Pcworld. They rank 1,027 globally, rank 455 in America, rank 981 in India and rank 633 in Canada.

The website provides reviews and previews of the latest hardware and software for information technology. Content are written by professionals and experts like, John Dvorak, Michael Miller, Bill Machrone and Jim Louderback.


Monthly Visitors: 18.3 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #1,640

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $63,600 – $91,500

Rank 949 in America, rank 1,459 in India and rank 981 in Canada. It has monthly unique Visitors of 18.3 million and rank 1,640 globally according to Alexa. Tomsguide has an estimated monthly Earnings of $91,000 dollars from Google Adsense alone.

Here are the man behind Tomsguide: Mark Spoonauer he is the global editor he covered reviews for technology for 20 years. His specializes in covering all things about mobile phones. Next is Mike Andronico he is the Editor in chief. He joined the team 2013 Mike covers everything about Laptops, phones but his expertise is in gaming. Mike Prospero is the managing Editor he covers for smart home device, wearables, fitness gadgets, cameras and drones.

Other editors are: Paul Wagenseil, Philip Michaels, Brian Westover, Louis Ramirez, Marshall Honorof, Contacut Marshall, Adam Ismael, other writers: Hilda Scott, Kate kozuch, Richard Priday, Kelly Woo.


Monthly Visitors: 19 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #997

Estimated Monthly EARNINGS: $38,000 – $95,000

Digitaltrends is an award winning multimedia brand that uncovers the innovation and guide consumers to the best products, digital trends that are available today.

Digitaltrends have more than 6 million social media followers and have reached monthly Visitors of 19 million worldwide.

There are about 9,575 Sites that links to Digitaltrends. They rank 997 in Global most of his traffic came from United States, India and Canada.

9 – EndGadget

Monthly Visitors: 22.2 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #933

Estimated monthly earnings: $44,400 – $111,000

Endgadget was founded in 2004, claimed to be the original home for technology news and reviews. They have grown to a global multimedia organization and the best source for consumer tech news.

Endgadget leads by DANA Wollman as the Editor in Chief followed by Aaron Souppouris Executive Editor. James Trew and Terrence O’Brien as the managing Editor and many more men and women behind the Endgadget website. Endgadget are available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and German.


Monthly Visitors: 28.3 million

Alexa Global Rank: #663

Estimated Monthly Earning: $56,000 – $141,500

THE VERGE is an American technology news online magazine that are publishing news, guidebooks, products reviews and podcasts. It is owned by Vox Media, created by Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe. The Editor in chief is Nilay Patel together with other managing editors and writers.

The Verge website was first launched on November 1, 2011 along with the Vox Media company.

7 – TechRadar

Monthly Visitors: 38 million

Alexa Global Rank: #690

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $76,000 – $190,000

Techradar is one of the largest UK-based consumers technology news and reviews site. Their offices are operates from London, New York, San Francisco and Sydney Australia with experience writers and editors.

Techradar is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organization or the IPSO which regulates the UK Magazine and newspaper industry. It is the sixth largest publisher in UK and ranked 93rd biggest media site in the United States.

The company is owned by Future Plc, officially launched in April 2008. Techradar rank 559 in global rankings with biggest pageviews visits from the U.S. It has 8,230 global sites links and with 38 million unique visitors worldwide.

6 – Gizmodo

Monthly Visitors: 39.5 million

Alexa Global Rank: #1,159

Estimated monthly earnings: $79,000 – $197,000

GIZMODO is my top 6 top blog sites in the world. It rank at 1,159 and with 29,942 sites links. His contender sites are Theverge, LifeHacker, Wired and Endgadget. The site was officially launched in July 1, 2002 in United States.

Gizmodo have a unique monthly visitors worldwide of 39.5 million and earn around $197,000 every month from Google Adsense. The site is created by Peter Rojas and owned by G/O Media, Kelly Bourdet stand as the editor in chief and one of the top bloggers in the world. The website are available in Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, German, Japanese, English and Portuguese.


Monthly Visitors: 42.3 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #510

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $42,300 – $211,500

GSMARENA is the number 1 Mobile Phones Source of information when it comes to Specs and latest news. They provides accurate and truthful information with regards to Smartphones specifications. That is why Google trusted the site and rank it always on the top page of the result page of Google search engine. When someone is searching for a specs of phone you will certainly see GSMARENA.

GSMARENA is the ultimate guide for consumers that provides information on all types of Smartphones gadgets. From Samsung to iPhone you can name it, GSMARENA has it all to give you the best information that you are looking for on a Smartphone devices.

4 – HuffPost

Monthly Visitors: 64 million

Alexa Global Rank: #666

Estimated Earnings on Adsense: $128,000 – $320,000

Huffpost derived from the name of a very well known blogger it’s no other than Arriana Huffington. If you are a blogger you will certainly encounter that name “Huffington”. That name which almost all bloggers is being honored because of his dedication and perseverance of creating high quality blog content. I may say she is a legend in the field of blogging.

Huffpost is formerly called the Huffington Post it is an American news and opinion website and blog. It was founded in 2005 by Andrew Breitbart, Arianna Huffington, Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti. The Huffpost site content offers news, blogs, politics, Business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle and many many more valuable content in almost all kinds of topics in the internet.


Monthly Visitors: 69.9 Million

Global Ranking: #139

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $139,000 – $349,000

CNET formerly name as Computer Network is an American media website that tackles news, reviews, blogs, podcasts, technology and consumer electronics. The site is owned by CBS Interactive.

It was founded in 1994 by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie, the editors are lead by Connie Guglielmo she is the editor in Chief followed by Roger Cheng Executive director and John Falcone as the Executive Editor. Their team aims to provides news in tech, culture and science, that works everyday to explore and explain the changing world around us.

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2 – Forbes

Monthly Visitors: 86.3 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #232

Estimated Monthly Earnings: $172,000 – $431,500

FORBES was created and owned by Steve Forbes and Randall Lane his Editor in Chief. Its headquarter are based in Jersey City, New Jersey United States. FORBES is a Business magazine that was founded in September 15, 1917. The Magazine features original articles on finance, industry, investing and marketing topics.

Forbes website started to go online in 1996 by the presence of David Churbuck. The site focusing on billionaires list and their net worth and their possessions. They tackle everything about man’s wealth such as the most richest man in the world. So if you are looking for a billionaires net worth just go to their website and you will know how rich is Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and all other top richest man on earth.

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1 – BusinessInsider

Monthly Visitors: 90 Million

Alexa Global Rank: #246

Estimated monthly Earnings: $180,000 – $900,000

BUSINESSINSIDER is an online newspaper which is available in English language. The site is created and owned by Axel Springer and created by Kevin Ryan and Henry Blodget. It was first launched in February 2009 in New York city USA.

In 2015 of July the BusinessInsider began to post articles about technology with a staff of 40 people.

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