Best Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10

Amazon Fire HD 10 9th generation has a high definition display, with 32 giga bytes internal storage, 30 percent more faster than the old one. With 1080p full HD, powered by 2.0 Ghz Octa-Core processor and a 2GB RAM. Battery is up to 12 hours of mixed use life, you can enjoy millions of movies, TV episodes, games, apps, eBooks, songs. It has thousands of videos from Prime Video and Netflix. With over 450,000 of audible titles and millions of songs and get over 570,000 app and games. So get one now of this lovely Amazon Fire HD 10.1 inch on Amazon.

Before going through with your new Fire HD tablet, you should get one Screen Protector to cover and shield the screen from any unwanted scratches on the screen. So you will enjoy the great new features, the touch screen display of the device for a longer use.

For a durable high quality screen protector. We recommend JETech, SPARIN, OMOTON and supershieldz to give your Tablet a scratch free, anti fingerprints, reduce sweat and smudges from the touchscreen.

Extremely High Hardness 
01JETech Screen Protector

Fire HD screen protector

Key Features

  • Resists Scratches
  • Harder than Knife
  • Bubble Free
  • Easy on install

JETech is build from extremely high hardness materials that resists scratches up to 9H harder than the knife. With high response and high transparency, prevents dust, free fingerprint. Along with free one push, super easily installation, bubble free. Inside the box includes retail package 1 pack tempered glass screen protector cleaning cloth and a customer service card.

Sensitive Touch
02 SPARIN Screen Protector

amazon fire hd 10 screen protector

SPARIN is sensitive in touch with 0.30mm thickness which maintains the original response sensitivity. It keeps your fire HD 10 tablet responsive to deliver quick app launches. Provides smooth in gaming, movies and videos. Furthermore, it has high definition fire HD 10 screen protector that enhances the brilliant 10.1 display. With high definition wide viewing angles and more brightness. Also offers scratch resistant, 9h tempered glass which can effectively protect your tablet from dust, water and scratches against smudges. Easy to install with air exhausting adhesive makes tempered glass automatically attach to your fire 10 screen provides smoothly hassle free and bubble free.

Key Features

  • Sensitive touch
  • High Definition
  • Protects against Scratches
  • Air exhausting adhesive
High Definition High Transparency
03 Supershieldz Screen Protector


This screen protector is made from the high quality Japanese PET film for easy installation and no residue when removed. It features 5 layer of protective film, HD clear coating, Scratch resistant, optical PET layer and silicone adhesive. It has high definition transparency film that ensures maximum resolution. Along with real touch sensitivity for a natural feel that provides flawless touch screen accuracy. It will protects your screen from daily scratches dust and scrapes include 3 packs screen protectors.

Key Features

  • High Quality Japanese PET film
  • Easy to install
  • Reduce Residue
  • Scratch Resistant
  • 3 Packs of Screen Protector
9H Hardness Screen Protector 

fire hd 10 screen protector

Designed for fire Hd 10 fire HD 10 kids edition tablet. Made from precise laser cut dimensions provide maximum protection for the entire touchscreen of Surface of your fire Hd 10 fire kids edition 10.1 display. With 9H hardness harder than the knife blade the tempered glass screen protector. It effectively resists scratch by keys, knife and any other sharp objects. Further, high transparency 99.99 percent light transmission ratio maintain your fire HD 10 kids edition beautiful hd display. Lastly, it comes with 0.26 mm in thickness to maintains original response sensitivity and touch feeling. Oleophobic coating reduces smudges and fingerprint ensures easy cleaning.

Key Features

  • Designed for Fire HD 10 screen protector
  • Reduce Smudges
  • Maintains original response sensitivity
  • Easy to clean
Delicate Touch Feel  
05  Nupro Screen Protector

Best Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 1

Nupro is multi functional screen protector, makes you have the best experience of indulging in front of your eyes. It comes with 4 in 1 features, anti glare, anti reflection, anti smudge, anti fingerprint. Also includes a high quality fabric cleaning cloth and a dust removal sticker. It offers a delicate touch feel that you wont feel a screen protector covers on your device also. It does not affect sensitivity of the touchscreen at all. No matter you failed to apply the screen protector or your protector got worn there a spare one for you or you can share it with your best Friend who needs it just like you do. Including a high quality fabric cleaning cloth and a dust removal sticker. A unique easy application design is the easiest way for you to apply the screen protector yourself .

Key Features

  • Touch Sensitivity
  • Compatible for Fire HD 10 screen protector
  • Easy Application
Oleophobic Coatings 
06  ZTOZ Screen Protector

Best Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 2

ZTOZ Tempered glass screen protector is made to protect your new kindle fire HD 10 tablet anytime anywhere. Provides 9H hardness that resists scratches against hard and sharp objects. It retains the same glass feel as the original screen. Moreover, it offers Oleophobic coating helps maintain spotless screen protector take the hit not your tablets. Along with dry application easy to install and remove bubble free no residue compatible with all new kindle fire hd 10 2019 9th generation tablet.

Key Features

  • Oleophobic Coatings
  • 9H hardness
  • Bubble Free
  • Easy to Install
Scratch Resistant, Fingerprint Proof
07 Supershieldz         

Best Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 3

Made from the high quality Tempered Glass for maximum scratch protection and no residue when removed 2.5D rounded edge glass for comfort on the fingers and hand 9H hardness 99.99 percent HD clarity and maintains the original touch experience hydrophobic and oleo phobic coating to reduce sweat and reduce fingerprints include 2 pcs tempered glass screen protectors.

Key Features

  • High Quality Tempered Glass
  • Scratch Protection
  • For Amazon Fire HD 10 screen protector
  • Reduce sweat and Fingerprints
  • 3 Packs
Waterproof & Oil proof
08 Armor Suit

Best Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 4

Armor Suit is compatible with Fire HD 10 Tablet, with bubble free, anti scratch and crystal clear. Offers high transparency, high transmittance glass screen protector, you use phone as freely as with your original glass display. This screen protector has oleophobic coatings which is perfect to prevent water, oil and finger prints and smudges to keep your tablet unblemished. Moreover, it provides scratch resistant to even the sharpest of objects, such as knife, keys, scissor and other hard items. With an impressive high transparency and anti smudges coatings, so you will enjoy the high definition display and responsive touch of your device.

Key Features

  • Bubble Free
  • Compatible for Fire HD 10 screen protector
  • Anti fingerprints
  • Prevent Water and Oil
For 9th Generation Fire HD 10
09 MEGOO screen Protector

Best Screen Protector for Amazon Fire HD 10 5

Key Features

  • Highly Responsive
  • Bubble Free
  • High Transparency
  • Scratch Resistant

MEGOO screen protector is made from Premium HD Tempered glass film with 9H hardness and bubble free. It features highly responsive, scratch resistance and high transparency. It ensures high transparency high definition and touchscreen sensitivity of the screen. Alongside with adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed.

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