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Amazon via Payoneer

Amazon Associates non U.S residence can be paid through Payoneer virtual payment. Here is how to do this.

If you are a Amazon associates and you are living outside of U.S, your only option is get paid via Check. Though aside from Amazon U.S, there are other countries that have a bank to bank method, and most of it are from Europe countries. But most of Asian countries, bank to bank method are not available yet. So we will help you to ease that worries. Although payment via check by the Amazon is also a good option. But sometimes the check did not reach the payee or the check may lost in the process of travelling from U.S to his destination country.

Thankfully the Payoneer is offering their services to lessen the problem of getting the payment from Amazon. Here is the step by step method.

How safe is Payoneer?

As of my experience, Payoneer is safe than other Virtual Online Payment compare to other Virtual services, like Paypal, Transferwise ,Western Union, Paymaya, and other online services.

As a foreign Amazon Associate, particularly in the Philippines. Amazon Associate may pay Filipino Associates via Check. If you have reach the minimum threshold of $100, then you will be eligible to receive the payment thru “check”. Just make it sure to give your exact address to receive your payment from Amazon.

Although there is a risk when choosing this kind of payment method. The Check may take almost a month or sometimes even more before it reach into your door step. And the worst scenario is, the check may lost in his travel. But there is another option, thankfully there is another one which you can get your payment from Amazon. It is via “PAYONEER“, here I will show you the step by step method.

Here are the simple easy steps

Here is how, you can get your payment via Payoneer. First you need you have a Payoneer Account. If you do not have a Payoneer account, here is the Payoneer Link. After you finished creating a Payoneer Account. You need to link it into your Amazon Associate account via bank to bank method

Get paid internationally via Payoneer 1

Create your Payoneer account here

Log in to your Amazon Account, then click 1 – Account Settings, then click 2 – Change Payment Method. The Amazon will ask for Two Step Verification method. Enter the OTP that the Amazon sent to your mobile number. Then click 3 – Pay me via direct deposit. The next procedure is, go to your Payoneer account, to integrate your Amazon to Payoneer

The Payoneer has a 4 country options or 4 available currency to use. United States dollar currency, U.K currency, Germany currency and Japan currency. We encourage you to choose Dollar currency, because Amazon are based in the United States.

In your Payoneer, click U.S currency, then copy and paste the details that the Amazon are providing. 1 – Bank name, 2 – Routing number, 3 – Account number, 4 – Account type. After that click submit, and you are done. You can now received payment from Amazon directly to your Payoneer account with no hassle and worry free.


Payoneer to GCash

Payoneer have partnered with Gcash. This is another good news to all Filipino who have internationally get paid.

I have already experience getting my payment via Payoneer before. And it was a bad experience for me. Because the bank charge me with a big amount, until then I stop using the Payoneer as a virtual payment.

Thankfully, just a month later, the Payoneer have partnered with GCash.

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To my fellow Filipinos, take this good opportunity to make money and earn from your website and enroll your site to Amazon Associates and take the advantage.


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