Amazon Philippines located at Mall of Asia

Amazon Philippines located at Mall of Asia 1

Amazon Philippines

Head office located in Mall of Asia Pasay Philippines. Amazon as todays owned by the most richest man in the world with no other than Mr. Jeff Bezos, the famous American online magnets. Amazon is the number one Online Shopping center mainly in the U.S residents, also in Canada, and U.K and some parts of Europe countries.

Amazon Philippines located at Mall of Asia 2

At Amazon you can almost buy anything and everything, from clothes or apparel, shoes sneakers, pants or jeans, gadgets, mobile phones and accessories, watches, foods, groceries and many many more. is a one stop shop shopping online, like Alibaba in China, like Lazada and Shopee in Asia. So todays modern generation, shopping online have become the most fastest growing business everyday. It is because of the invention of the Mobile Phones or Smartphones that every people have in their hands. This business earn from their revenue up to billion and trillion of dollars per annual sales.

Although locally online shopping through Amazon in the Philippines are not yet serve like what doing in U.S. But maybe in the near future it will be available. But the good thing is, Amazon company have open their office here in the Philippines to give employment for some Filipinos to work with the the Number one company in the world.

Amazon also offers to earn money from their company by becoming an Amazon Associates. Anyone can do this and earn from Amazon. For more information you can visit their website and apply for an Amazon Associates or a publisher to earn extra income. This is a good opportunity to earn from Amazon and are open for those website blogger. Many website owner and bloggers particularly in the U.S are earning big amount from Amazon just by doing this. I also doing this for almost two years, and i also getting some extra income from Amazon.

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