Apple to Launch M2 iPad Pro

Apple to Launch M2 iPad Pro 1
iPad Pro M2

Apple is planning to release the iPad Pro in just a few days, which means that the new M2 CPU-based model will be available. Actually, two new iPad Pros with the CPU are expected “in a matter of days”, according to people in the know. Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, is quoted as the main source for the information in his latest newsletter.

The journalist believes that the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch slate will be just a incremental upgrade from the models before. They might be able to get better charging for their devices. On October 27th, Apple will release its quarterly and yearly earnings. We won’t see an event, but we’ll be able to find the availability on Apple’s website.

The new iPad Pro could feature MagSafe charging capabilities, and we could also seereverse wireless charging, which means we could share juice to an iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple is planning to release an update for the iPadOS 16 software soon, after it had to delay the release due to Center Stage problems. According to Gurman, there are stock shortages of the Apple Watch Ultra, which are being caused by the band, not the device itself.

Apple is planning to release a new high-end iPad update called J617 and J620 in April 2021. That’s when they both got the new M1 CPU and mini LED screen on the 12.9 inch model. The M2 CPU should provide improved performance, including charging. There will be no mini LED on the 11 inch iPad Pro.

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