The best Milk Tea Franchise in the Philippines

The milk tea obsession has only grown in popularity. Throughout the last several years, Asians, particularly in the Philippines, have become increasingly interested in this type of business.

Nowadays, milk tea is among the most widely consumed refreshments and beverages in the country. It is quite really unusual to encounter people we know who drink milk tea everywhere and are ready to stand in line for hours or have it brought to their home.

Many people are interested in starting a milk tea franchise. However, with so many different options, it’s critical to grasp the distinctions. Here is a step-by-step guide to picking a milk tea franchisee.

Here are some of the finest milk tea franchises in the Philippines are listed below.

01. Macao

Franchise Fee: P1.5 Million

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Macao Imperial Tea - Morayta - Food Delivery Menu | GrabFood PH
Source: Macao

Macao Imperial Tea is a Macau-based quick-service store business that specializes in soothing refreshments such as milk tea and fruit tea. Macao Imperial Tea has approximately 500 outlets throughout China, the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan, and is constantly growing into new countries in the region and around the globe. Their product quality when it comes to selling beverages sets them apart from other milk tea businesses in the country. To ensure that they provide high-quality tea and fruit drinks, they import all of their tea leaves from Macao.

02. Chatime Milk Tea

Franchise Fee: P300,000

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Source: Chatime

The term ‘cha’ literally means’ tea. As a result, Chatime can be informally rendered as’ teatime. Chatime is now considerably better than before, including over 2500 sites across the world. Chatime began operations in Taiwan in 2005 and expanded to the Philippines in 2011. They started out by brewing only the greatest bubble teas with a devotion to high-quality ingredients and blends, as well as a flair for creative flavor variations.

03. Taste From The Greens

Franchise Fee: N/A

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Tastes From The Greens Cabanatuan - Home | Facebook
Source: Taste from the Greens

Taste from the Greens is a localized business that originated in Pampanga. There are currently more than 30 sites, a few of which are in the Metro Manila area. One dedicated Milk Tea store has recently unveiled their services to all tea connoisseurs.

04. SereniTea

Franchise Fee: P1M

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The best Milk Tea Franchise in the Philippines 1
Source: Serenitea

On December 19, 2008, Serenitea initially unveiled its doors. The country had a predominantly coffee-drinking population at the time. Serenitea became the first company in the nation to provide tea brewing via an espresso machine, with the extra benefit of letting guests personalize individual beverages, including sugar level and sinkers, in a well-designed tea store setting.

05. InfiniTea

Franchise Fee: P500,000

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Infinitea - Hermosa Tondo [Available for LONG-DISTANCE DELIVERY] - Food  Delivery Menu | GrabFood PH
Source: Infinitea

Infinitea is a milk tea franchise and tea beverage provider business that specializes in beneficial milk tea beverages. It was founded in 2010. The idea is primarily driven by Asia’s distinctive tradition of tea consumption, which is an essential element of too many Asian nations’ ceremonies that amuse consumers. This is a sign of deference and esteem for the visitors.

Infinitea has become the industry’s largest rising milk tea franchise in the country in a brief span of time, with over 300 shops countrywide, and is now still expanding. For its own franchisees, Infinitea provides a lot of potential. The majority of the franchisees are newlywed couples that have just begun their own firm but wish to expand.

06. Gong Cha

Franchise Fee: 2Million

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Featured Products - Gong Cha (Singapore) | Gong Cha (Singapore)
Source: Gong Cha

Gong Cha has spread to over 15 nations and 1500+ sites globally ever since its inception in 2006, and it continues to develop. Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Macau, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States are all part of this group.

Gong Cha established the first ever international franchise location in Hong Kong in 2009. Gong Cha’s triumph in this market was crucial since it verified the brand’s popularity with customers beyond Taiwan. Gong Cha arrived in Korea in 2012. In the city of Seoul, over 200 stores have been launched in just two years. Gong C’s accomplishment in spreading the Taiwanese bubble tea tradition to Korea was all the more impressive.

07. Sugar Panda

Franchise Fee: 180,000

Sugar Panda Philippines - Home | Facebook
Source: Sugar Panda

The Sugar Panda franchise has a minimal initial expenditure and thus no recurring royalty charge. Considering today’s extremely crowded drinks industry, the goal of cheap entrepreneurship and economic freedom seems to be out of sight for most entrepreneurs.

Furthermore, with the Sugar Panda brand, bright and skilled businesspeople with long-term planning can still have unparalleled prospects for development. Nowadays, milk tea is one of the top franchised businesses. The popularity of milk tea has reached new heights. The demand for expanding Sugar Panda franchisees is rising as the number of milk tea enthusiasts grows.

08. Caffe La Tea

Franchise Fee: P650,000

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The best Milk Tea Franchise in the Philippines 2

The creators of Caffé La Tea share a passion for delectable food, inventive cocktails, and excellent conversation with friends. Both were motivated by their journey experiences in and out of the nation, and also by unforgettable culinary stories throughout the road, as the innovative and economic brains driving Caffé La Tea.

As a result, Caffé La Tea was created with the goal of creating a welcoming and dynamic environment for friends to meet and speak while satisfying their demands for a wonderful cup of tea and the ideal dessert. Established from the bottom up with their enthusiasm for food, coffee, and milk tea, never to forget the unending shouts and encouragement, the concept was born in July 2012.

09. BeanLeaf

Franchise Fee: P1Million

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The best Milk Tea Franchise in the Philippines 3
Source: Beanleaf

Beanleaf opened in 2014 with the goal of providing consumers with a more appealing assortment of refreshments and delicacies. Filipinos’ love for these famous beverages is undeniable. Nevertheless, having so many businesses may be intimidating.

Oftentimes, coffee cafes and milk tea shops would focus on a single beverage, providing consumers with a minimal number of alternatives to sample. Only high-quality foreign tea leaves, coffee beans, and syrups are used by Beanleaf. In a nutshell, there is now a large range of beverages in one shop which might appeal to both coffee and tea drinkers, making it extra practical.

10. Coco Milk Tea

Franchise Fee: N/A

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The best Milk Tea Franchise in the Philippines 4
Source: CoCo

CoCo Fresh Tea and Juice was started in 1997 in Tamsui, Taiwan, and has continuously supplied since then. CoCo remains the best brand in the fresh milk tea business when it comes to bubble tea. CoCo sustains its global reach by growing in Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. To be a top brand in the freshly-made beverages market, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice continues to pursue its heritage while unleashing daring ideas.

10. I love Milk Tea

Franchise Fee: P300,000

FB Page:

Source: I Love Milk Tea

I Love Milk Tea is another Milk tea company which you can franchise.

11. Ochado milk Tea

Franchise Fee: P400,00

Here's our Top 10 Best Sellers!... - OCHADO Philippines | Facebook
Source: OCHADO

Ochado is a company brand that was founded in 2010 in Singapore. This one was founded at the pinnacle of the Japanese style of making tea in the business, but by leveraging that trend of demand. Ochado is not merely named after the Japanese technique of flavoring teas, but it is also named after two Japanese terms that reflect the store’s essence.

Ocha, which signifies tea, and Chado, which implies the Japanese way. Ochado quickly became a bestseller, quickly expanding its stores beyond Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Brunei, and the Philippines.

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