8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector

Find it here all the Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector to protect and shield your device from everyday use

Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch was released in April 2019, with 8 mega pixels camera, 2/3GB RAM, and 6150mAH non removable battery. It uses Android 9.0 Pie upgradable to Android 10 One UI 2.0. Also comes with Exynos 7904, Octacore CPU, internal memory of 32GB up to 128GB. This Tablet is uses a metal unibody design that provides a premium feel. It features a vivid 10.1 inch WUXGA display that delivers a 1920 by 1200 pixels of stunning optimal color and screen brightness. So you can fully immerse in your favorite movies and videos on YouTube and Netflix. It uses dual speaker system, a true to life sound, perfect to listen to all your favorite music, with Dolby Atmos three dimensional surround, for a better immersive sounds.

To help you picked the right one Screen Protector for your lovely Tab A. We reviewed some of the best Tempered Glass to keep your device protected and safe from any damages and scratches. For a high definition, scratch proof and with 9H hardness. We prefer the Sparin, Omoton and Supershieldz these screen protectors provides strong shield with enhanced durable tempered glass. Bubble free installation, reduced oil residue and fingerprints.

For high transparency, Anti scratch, clear film and Oleophobic coated film. We recommend, Ztotop, OKP, Zonefoker, Procase and JETech screen protectors. These brands can assured screen protection on your device. They are made from high quality and durable materials, with high sensitivity and maintains the original touch of the Samsung Tab A. Can survive minimal scratches against hard and sharp items such as keys, coins and pointed objects.

1 Sparin (2 Packs)

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 1


Key Features and Details

Brand: Sparin • 2Pack • 9H hardness • Tempered glass • High definition • Scratch proof • Bubble free • Easy installation  Shock resistant • Liquid resistant • fingerprint absorption • quick response • High transparency • anti Dirt • anti dust 

Sparin is perfectly designed for the Samsung Tab A 10.1 inch. It features Liquid resistant and oil repellent hydrophobic, it easily resist fingerprint and remove the liquid on the surface. It is effectively resist internal shocks, thanks to the 9H hardness materials and only 0.3mm thickness screen protector that assure the accurate touching sensitivity experience. It will not interfere the touch response when play games, it keeps the original and stunning viewing quality of the device. Just refer to the video guidance on the user manual to help you through the installation.

2 Sparin (3 Packs)

Tab A screen protector


Key Features and Details

Brand: Sparin • 3 packs •Tempered Glass • 9H hardness • High response • Bubble free • Scratch resistant • Touch sensitivity • Fingerprint resistant • Highly transmittance • Double shield

SPARIN (3 packs) provides strong shield, that enhanced durable tempered glass screen protector is twice harder than a normal glass and better protection. Bubble free upon installation, the air exhausting adhesive makes the screen protector smooth;y, no residue when removed. It provides more comfortable and safer than the square angle edges. Easy to install, with alignment frame included to install the screen protector with ease. With hydrophobic layer coating that reduce the oil residue, fingerprint to keep the device clean and flawless. 9H hardness tempered glass protects the Tablet against dirt, dust, scratches and any damages from keys and other hard rough objects.

3 Omoton

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 2


Key Features and Details

Brand: OMOTON • Tempered glass • Scratch resistant • Bubble free • Fingerprint proof • Easy installation • Hydrophobic screen coating • Round smooth edges   

Omoton screen protector is made from precise laser cut dimensions provides maximum protection for the screen of your device. Provides scratch resistant, 9H hardness that can effectively protect the Tab A from unwanted scuffs and scratches. With high definition transparency that brings you clear visual experience. Hydrophobic and Oleophobic coating screen protects against sweat and oil residue. It maintains original response sensitivity of the screen that ensures quick app launch and smooth video playing.

4 Supershieldz

Screen protector tab A


Key Features and Details

•Btand: Supershieldz • 2 packs • Tempered glass • Anti scratch • Bubble free • Scratch resistant • Rainbow effect proof  9H hardness • Rounded edges • Oleophobic coating • anti fingerprints • anti smudges  

Supershieldz screen protector is made from hihg quality tempered glass for maximum scratch protection. Comes with 2 packs of Tempered glass, anti scratch and bubble free. It features Oleophobic coating to prevents fingerprints, smudges and oil residues. Crafted Rounded edges construction for comfort on the fingers and hand. With surface 9H hardness prevents scratches made by hard and sharp objects to keep the screen free of damages and scratch. 2.5D rounded edges glass for comfortable and convenient typing and drawing on your device.

5 OKP screen protector

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 3


Key Features and Details

Brand: OKP • Screen protector • For Tab A 10.1 inch • Clear Film • Anti scratch • High definition • Bubble free • Premium quality • Highly responsive • Oleophobic coating • Ultra thin • High transparency • Zero bubbles  

OKP Screen Protector is made from high quality materials and round smooth edges. The screen protector has a 2.5D rounder edges which offers a maximum protection for the device. With 9H scratch resistant against drops, scratches and marks. Survived scratches from knife’s blade, hard objects and keys to keep the device scratch free. Reduces smudges and fingerprints on the clear tempered glass so the Samsung Tab will keep clean with a simple wipe. The touch screen function smoothly, highly responsive and sensitive on touching performance.

6 Ztotop

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 4


Key Features and Details

Brand: Ztotop  Screen protector • Tempered glass • Easy installation • High definition • SCratch resistant • 9H hardness • Effortless installation • Perfect alignment • Delicate touch • Anti fingerprint • Bubble free • High transparency • Oleophobic coating • 0.3mm thickness   

Ztotop screen protector offers more comfortable feel, which effectively prevent fingerprints and gives high transparency and clearer screen. With Hydrophobic coating layer to protects device screen from getting affected by liquid. Ztotop products is committed to quality and ensures top quality products to distribute on their customers. To install, first clean the screen thoroughly with Alcohol and Microfiber cloth to remove dust and dirt on the device. Then remove other remaining dust particles with Dust removal sticker. Align the screen protector on the camera area, slid finger to make part of the screen protector adhere on the screen.

7 ZoneFoker

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 5

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Key Features and Details

Brand: ZoneFoker Anti scratch • Easy installation • Bubble free • Tempered glass • Compatible with Tab A 10.1 inch tablet • Spen compatible • High sensitivity • Installation guide • Scratch terminator • High transparency • Smudge resistant • Fingerprints resistant • 2.5D round edge • Super smooth 

ZoneFoker offers high sensitivity it maintains the touch by almost as original screen the thickness is about only 0.3mm thick. It survive minimal scratches against hard and sharp objects like keys and cutters. With 9H hardness tempered glass, that much stronger than common PET plastic screen protector, which effectively protect your Tablet against scratches by keys and other hard items. Coated with Hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic that largely reduced the smudges, fingerprints and oil residues. Screen protector is extremely super smooth and the S pen will still expand the power of multi touch and open up new creative possibilities. Ultra thin, reliable and resilient that provides full compatibility on the touch screen sensitivity.

8 ProCase

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 6


Key Features and Details

Brand: ProCase • Tempered glass • 9H hardness • Ultra thin • Fingerprint  reduction • HIghly responsive • high definition screen • Zero bubbles • full coverage • Design for Tab A 10.1 screen protector 

ProCase is made form high temperature treatment for better shatter proof quality to provide anti oil and scratch resistant. It features fingerprint reduction, highly responsive, and high definition screen touch sensitivity. Rounded edges integration for comfortable finger operation. Easy to apply, bubble free installation and advanced silicone adhesive to leave no residue. Made from 9H hardness surface with super high transparency to prevent scratches from sharp and rough objects.

9 JETech screen protector

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 7


Key Features and Details

Brand: JETech • Tempered glass • brilliant quality • Ultra clear • Prompt responsiveness • Ultra thin • high responsitivity • Scratch resistant • Bubble free • Easy installation • For Tab A 10.1 screen protector  

JETech Tempered glass is made high quality materials to give a highly responsive and protection on your device particularly on your Samsung Tab A 10.1 inch tablet. The JETech tempered glass prevents the screen from unwanted scratches and hard impacts. It features superior quality, ultra thin premium tempered glass. High clarity and high transparency it ensures enjoyable viewing experience. It offers a one push easy installation, bubble free and anti fingerprints.

10 Ailun

8 Best Samsung Tab A 10.1 Screen Protector 8

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Key Features and Details

Brand: Ailun •  For Tab A 10.1 screen protector • Anti scratch • Premium HD • Ultra Clear • 9H hardness • case friendly • Easy installation • Bubble free • Compatible with Galaxy Tab A 10.1 inch • Shatterproof • Super transparency • Anti fingerprints  • Perfect adhesive 

Ailun screen protector is Ultra Thin and clear tempered glass. It offers 9H high hardness, shatterproof, perfect adhesive, super transparency and anti fingerprints. Easy installation and bubble free, the screen protector is a real tempered glass. It is flexible with exact cuts processed and controlled in thermal and chemical treatments to increase the strength. Reduces the fingerprints, coated with Oleophobic that magically resists oils, smudges and fingerprints. Made from highest quality to preserve the way your stunning Tablet high definition display while maintains maximum protection.

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