The Best Microsoft Surface Go 2 Keyboards and Cases (10.5inch)

With the Microsoft 10.5″ Surface Go 2, you can stay connected and up to date the way you choose. I have used it as a laptop or tablet, as it weighs only 1.2 pounds (not including the Type Cover) and has a battery life of up to 10 hours.

The Surface Go 2 can manage all of your daily tasks, including learning, writing, sketching, and creating. Make notes, assist with schoolwork, prepare and perform speeches, and keep track of your correspondence. Surface Go 2, with a new 10.5″ PixelSense Screen with touchscreen, is a smarter alternative to unwinding in a greater way. It’s excellent for electronic books, online surfing, and watching your favourite movies.

Beyond the Surface Go 2: These versatile cases also protect the entire Surface Go series. Complete protection, complete series: Explore these top cases for all your Surface Go 2 needs.

01. NEW Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover

The next-generation classic click-in keyboard for Surface now comes in four colors and is backlit to keep you working when the lights go down.

The Best Microsoft Surface Go 2 Keyboards and Cases (10.5inch) 1

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The Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover provides a genuine keyboard interface, allowing you to type comfortably. Although it is ultra-slim and small, it operates like a standard laptop keyboard, equipped with illuminated keys and a big glass trackpad. It adapts immediately, allowing you to work easily at anytime.

This Surface Go Type Cover is a one-of-a-kind product that can be adjusted to nearly any angle. Simply snap into place and use with the Surface Go Kickstand open for a full laptop experience. The Surface Go Type Cover offers a warm, elegant touch to everyday chores, adding a sense of elegance to each and every job. The specially-treated material is extremely resilient, prevents stains, and wipes easily.

02. COO Keyboard Case

for Surface Go 2 2020 7-Color Backlit Wireless Detachable Keyboard with Slim Cover

image COO

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Ultra-slim Bluetooth Keyboard Case The 7-color illuminated keyboard’s two levels of illumination and seven colorful colors enable working in the dark to be enjoyable and simple. The Surface Pen is conveniently stored in a pen holder on the left shoulder.

Portable keyboard with magnetic detachment. A chargeable battery is included inside the keyboard for long-term usage. Detachable wireless bluetooth keyboard with a cover that instantly converts into your favorite book. In addition to the different angles, the built-in three anti-slip stand angles offer basic various lateral stand vantage points for studying, blogging, or viewing movies in business, school, traveling, and other locations.

03. ProCase Keyboard Case for Surface Go 2 2020

Slim Leather Lightweight Protective Cover with Magnetically Detachable

The Best Microsoft Surface Go 2 Keyboards and Cases (10.5inch) 2

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It’s everything in one design. A laptop-style keyboard with evenly aligned buttons and a spring mechanism beneath provides a more comfortable tactile keyboard. Viewing Angles That Can Be Adjusted: Three holes in the cover allow the tablet to be propped up into three distinct display positions in landscape orientation.

Complete security quality leather shell and soft inside safeguard your tablet from drops, scratches, and bumps. Auto Sleep/Wake feature is supported.

Precise cuts provide complete access to all features, such as cameras, audio, connections, and buttons. All connections, user interface, sensors, speakers, microphones, and cameras are fully accessible thanks to the exact cutout. The cover is made of a high-quality cloth and is lined with a soft microfiber.

04. Arteck Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover

image Arteck

Ultra-Slim Portable Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for Surface Go 2

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This keyboard is magnetically connected to the Surface Go, much like a laptop, and the connectivity is through Bluetooth. Once Bluetooth is linked, the tactile buttons and touchpad help you feel as if you’re using a laptop. This keyboard is not compatible with the Surface Pro or Pro X.

The Surface Go 2/Surface Go is more helpful for writing, browsing, and navigation thanks to dynamic keys and an extra-large touchpad. Compact and tiny, but operates like a full-size keyboard. Touchpad and effective media keys: Use the touchpad and media hot buttons to quickly operate your Surface Go 2. 

05. Inateck Surface Go Keyboard

image Inateck

Bluetooth 5.1, 7-Color Backlight, Compatible with Surface Go 1 and Go 2 2020

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It gives a more reliable and quicker connection. Choose the hue of the backlight to match your demands in various lighting situations. It is ultra-lightweight, weighing only 245g, approximately half a pound, making it easier to transport.

The first row of buttons on the keyboard are shortcut keys that provide functions such as screenshot, lock screen, volume control, and so on. These keys operate independently and do not require the Fn key to be pressed. The built-in 750 mAh rechargeable lithium battery provides a very extended standby time. The idle duration can be extended to 180 days.

06. Brydge 10.5 Go+ Wireless Keyboard

image Brydge

with Precision Touchpad Compatible with Microsoft Surface Go 1 & 2

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The world’s finest Bluetooth accuracy touchpad for Windows is included. It has the appearance of a laptop and the performance of one. The highly precise touchpad allows you to control movements with two, three, or four fingers using the normal Windows configurations.

You may personalize them as you like. The Brydge 10.5 Go+ wireless keyboard is designed to work with the Surface Go and Go2. Every component has been designed to operate in tandem with the Surface Go to provide optimal quality.

The Brydge 10.5 Road+ keyboard for Surface Pro is ideal for people on the go, with a multi-touch accuracy touchpad, varied watching orientations, intuitive typing, and changeable illuminated keys. Brydge takes pride in the quality and longevity of its goods.

The 10.5 Go+’s bezels include an active antibacterial substance that prevents microorganism development. This antimicrobial innovation is efficient against dangerous germs and viruses, offering additional safety for the product’s lifespan.

07. MoKo Type Cover Fit Microsoft Surface Go 2 2020

image MOKO

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Slim Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Trackpad, 7-Color LED Backlit, Built-in Rechargeable Battery

With a sensitive trackpad built in, you can easily use it as a mouse to browse and operate your tablet accurately. It allows you to use a touch screen without taking your fingers off from the keyboard. It is simple to link with your smartphone wirelessly and has a range of up to 33 feet, providing you with a pleasant working experience.

Developed for Microsoft Surface Go 2 2020 Tablet variants, featuring modestly spaced-apart keys for an even more comfortable and productive typing operation that feels like a typical laptop. The keyboard is robust, with increased magnetic sturdiness throughout the fold, allowing you to alter the angle and operate on the lap, plane, or desk.

LED backlights with a 7-color spectrum. Every hue has two light level. Perfect for creative typing including in low-light situations or at evening. This keyboard has a 750mAh rechargeable Lithium battery that offers 60 hours of uninterrupted usage with the backlight turned off.

08. Fintie Type Cover for Microsoft Surface Go 2 2020

image Fintie

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Ultra-Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Two-Button Trackpad

Cordless 3.0 innovation offers a high-speed connectivity and a signaling range of up to 33 feet. The divided keys and scissors switching will allow typing as easy as it is on a Macbook. Every key can withstand up to 3 million keystrokes. They are slender and portable, with a small size and light weight (13.8oz). Allowing them to be conveniently moved and stored in a rucksack, travel bag, or briefcase.

The specially designed two-button trackpad allows you to use the touch screen without taking your fingers off the keypad. The built-in 750mAh rechargeable lithium battery delivers roughly 200 hours of practical usable capacity, as well as an extremely extended standby period of up to 90 days per full charge. This Bluetooth keyboard charges with a USB cable and interacts through wireless.

09. Microsoft Surface Go Signature Type Cover

image Microsoft

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Key Features and Details

For accurate navigation and command, it has a complete mechanical keyset, illuminated keys, and a greater touchpad. It’s small and tiny, but it operates like such a real keyboard. When combined with the Surface Go Kickstand, it snaps into position quickly for the best damn thing experience everywhere.

The Microfiber material used on certain coverings is smooth and silky, yet it is also robust and stain resistant. Fold to shield the screen and save battery life, or fold entirely back for a portable tablet. Choose from a variety of rich hues to complement your style. 

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