The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 1

Action cameras are tiny powerhouses perfect for capturing life’s adventures. These rugged cameras are built to endure the elements, boasting waterproof capabilities to accompany you on any journey. Capture Every Detail. Shoot stunning 4K Ultra HD footage to preserve your most unforgettable moments. Action cameras go beyond simple recording, offering features like time-lapse, burst photos, and loop recording to make your videos truly unique. Slow motion capabilities add a dramatic touch, letting you relive those epic moments in detail.

Versatility at Your Fingertips. Action cameras are much more than just video recorders. They capture stunning photos and offer a variety of features to make your content shine. From time-lapses that compress hours into minutes to slow-motion that stretches out fleeting moments, action cameras empower you to be a creative storyteller.

Action cameras aren’t limited to daredevils and adrenaline junkies. They’re also incredibly versatile for everyday use. Many people use them as dash cams, providing a constant record of their drives for added security and peace of mind.

It is mounted on the helmet of a motorcycle rider or on the chest or on the handle bar of a bike. Some YouTube vloggers use it to create videos for their channel to review specific products, while others use it to create funny videos or tutorial videos.

Since 2014, action camera sales have increased by 44 percent, with the majority of cameras capable of shooting in Ultra High Definition (4K resolution or 4000 pixels). The action camera is a digital camera designed to capture exciting adventures and memorable moments. and suitable for outdoor adventures or for water adventures like diving and surfing. 

1. Best Overall: AKASO Brave 7 LE 4K30FPS 20MP

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 2

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.5 out of 5 ratings


Features and Specs

Brand: AKASO Brave 7 • Ultra HD • 4K 20MP • WiFi control • underwater • camcorder • image stabilization • adjustable view angle • 100 feet waterproof • waterproof case • remote control • loop recording • time lapse • sound record • WDR diving mode • motion detection • anti-shaking • car FVR mode • burst photo •

AKASO BRAVE 7 – is the best Action Camera that you get. This is the best alternative for GoPro. Akaso Brave 4 enables to take amazing photos with Ultra HD videos captures every beauty of nature and every events that you encounters. It uses 4K high definition that offers clear ultra HD shots. It features 30fps video recording, provides 20MP and 4K super clarity images. Perfect for outdoor sports, underwater adventure, cycling, motorcycling, skiing, diving, surfing and snorkeling.

It has Smart Gyroscope for anti-shaking to gives smooth image stabilization and video recordings. Edit and share video instantly using WiFi auto connect to your mobile and tablet via App AKASO DV. It comes with 2 1050mAh batteries rechargeable, each batteries can record 90 minutes. 100 feet waterproof camera includes the waterproof case so you can dive on 30 meters deep. Plus remote control wristband and 19 accessories kit.

02. Best Runner Up: AKASO V50X Native

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 3

4.5 out of 5 ratings

View on Amazon

  • AKASO V50X Native
  • 4K30fps WiFi Action Camera
  • EIS Touch Screen
  • 4X Zoom
  • 131 feet Waterproof Camera
  • Support External Mic
  • Remote Control
  • with Helmet Accessories (Without 64GB MicroSD Card)

UPGRADE SERIES OF AKASO V50: Featuring 4K/30fps, 2.7K 30fps and 2K 60fps video resolution, AKASO V50X action camera enables you to take incredible ultra HD videos, clearly recording the beauty and wonders in life.

INTUITIVE TOUCH SCREEN: With a touch screen and simple, streamlined capture modes, it’s easy to jump right in and get great shots. Just swipe and tap.

ELECTRONIC IMAGE STABILIZATION: AKASO V50X action camera records smooth, steady video whether you’re skiing, snorkeling or chasing your dog around the yard.

LONG BATTERY LIFE: AKASO V50X action camera comes with 2 rechargeable 1350mAh batteries which support video recording up to 180 minutes. And 17 accessories kit fits most action cameras even Gopro.

03. Best 4K Action Cam: AKASO V50 PRO 4K30FPS ACTION CAM

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 4

4.3 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features

Brand: AKASO V50 Pro • native 4K 30fps 20MP • WiFi action camera • 2 inch IPS touch screen • 100 feet waterproof • remote control • sports camera • helmet accessories • electronic image stabilization • adjustable view angle lens • instant share • built-in filter • burst photo • time lapse • slow motion • white balance • sound record • micro HDMI • mini USB •

This action camera by AKASO is a very powerful camera that has 4K 30fps 20MP offers great video quality, crisp and clear images quality even on fast moving action. This one is the best alternative for GoPro camera, capture stunning view in underwater. Using the durable waterproof case you can dive on 30 meters deep, just turn on the diving mode so it will filter the red light under water.

04. Best Waterproof: Adostob Action Camera 4K30FPS

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 5

4.7 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features:

  • Action Camera 4K30FPS,40m/131ft
  • Ultra HD Underwater Cameras
  • 170° Wide Angle Stabilization
  • 2.0″ Screen
  • Remote Control
  • Waterproof Camera Underwater
  • 2 Batteries SD Card Accessories Kit

This 4K action camera is equipped with a 2.4G remote control and WiFi function. Install the sports camera on the helmet or in a place that cannot be touched, and the camera can be controlled by the remote control to take pictures or record videos, conveniently recording wonderful moments. Connect the mobile phone and the action camera through WiFi and APP, watch your shooting pictures in real-time, and directly share your wonderful moments to your social platform.

The action camera 4K comes with a variety of mounting accessories, which can meet the needs of different usage scenarios such as cycling, motorcycles, snorkeling, diving, and skiing. At the same time, it is also equipped with 2 rechargeable batteries and a 32G SD card for you to meet your daily photo and video shooting time and storage needs.

05. Sports Action Cam: Adostob Action Camera 4K 30fps

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 6

4.7 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features

  • Action Camera 4K 30fps, 30m/98ft
  • Ultra HD Waterproof Camera,
  • 170° Wide Angle Underwater Cameras
  • WiFi, Sports Cameras
  • with 2 Batteries, 32G SD Card,
  • Mounting Accessories Kit

This action camera has a 4K resolution and 20MP lens to provide sharp pictures and videos. In addition, the camera is equipped with anti-jitter mode, which has a higher view and video quality, no blur, and restores every movement moment and beautiful picture of freeze motion shooting moment.

The underwater cameras is equipped with a 30-meter waterproof box, which is fastened to protect the camera for underwater use. With the waterproof case installed, you can easily explore the wonderful underwater world of 30 meters and enjoy the fun of swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, and other water sports, can also be used in rainy and snowy.

This Sports Camera has a variety of recording modes, such as continuous recording, timing recording, time-lapse recording, loop recording, slow motion, and auto mode, etc. In addition, it also has a 2.4G remote control, when you are not convenient to operate the camera in some sports, you can control the camera by remote control to take pictures or video, more convenient.

06. Editor’s Pick: WOLFANG Action Camera 4K 20MP

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 7

4.7 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features

  • WOLFANG Action Camera
  • 4K 20MP WiFi GA120,
  • 40M Waterproof Underwater Camera
  • for Snorkeling,
  • 170° Wide Angle Dual Screen
  • Vlogging Camera with EIS,
  • External Microphone, Remote Control

The WOLFANG GA120 action camera is equipped with advanced dual color screens, providing you with the option to switch between the front and back screens by long pressing the “▼” button on the side of the camera. The addition of the front screen broadens the video shooting mode, making it easy for you to control the shooting angle and shooting screen of vlog videos and selfie videos. Add more vibrancy to your cycling, selfies, and other recordings.

WOLFANG GA120 action camera supports basic video resolution options such as 4K 30FPS / 2.7K 30FPS / 1080P 60FPS / 720P 120FPS. Capture each of your vibrant adventurous moments with unparalleled clarity. Photo resolution can be selected from 20MP/16MP/12MP/8MP to meet various needs for professional photography and daily record sharing.

The GA120 underwater camera includes a reinforced waterproof case that supports 40M waterproofing. Equipped with a shell, you can not only record the highlight moments of various water sports such as snorkeling, swimming, sailing, kayaking, etc., but also deeply explore the mysterious underwater world. Diving mode can easily help you perform color correction when shooting underwater and clearly record the beautiful scenery under the sea. (The camera itself is not waterproof and needs to be equipped with a waterproof case)


Best for Outdoor Adventures

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 8

4.2 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features

Brand: BOIFUN • 4k 20MP • underwater action camera • anti-shake • external microphone • 40m waterproof • remote control • 20 accessories • ultra HD • EIS electronic image stabilization • still photo • burst photo • time lapse • video slow motion • loop recording • dash cam mode • white balance • Micro HDMI • Micro USB •

BOIFUN – Action camera offers professional sound recording effetcive noise reduction to bring a high definition sound quality of your recorded videos, thanks to the Boifun high fidelity built-in microphone. This is a perfect camera for vlogging for youtube videos, designed to record your daily life such as outdoor life adventures. Boifun records in Ultra HD 4K 30fps and 20MP resolution, so your videos and photos are in high quality clear crisp images. With built-in 6 axis anti-shake digital algorithm that corrects vibrations in real time.

It also comes with waterproof underwater case, so you can dive down up to 40 meters under water and captured the beauty of under water world. WiFi connectivity enables you to control the camera and instantly shared it with your friends on your social media account.


Underwater Action Camera

The 9 Best budget Action Camera you can buy 9

4.1 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features

Brand: NEEWER G1 • Ultra HD 4K • 98 feet underwater waterproof • 16MP 4K 30fps • 170° wide angle lens • WiFi sports camera • high tech sensor • 50-in-1 accessory kit • 2.4Ghz wireless wrist remote control • video recording • loop recording • time lapse • continuous shooting • 2inch HD LCD display •

The NEEWER G1 has 2.4Ghz wireless wrist remote control that allows you to control video recording take photos conveniently to record great moments. Comes with waterproof case up to 30 meters deep, so you can dive deep down underwater without worries that the camera will be broken. Built with higher definition full HD 4K 30fps video resolution and 16 mega pixels photo capture that brings you to a new shooting experience.

Also it offers a 6G layers of lens and 170 degrees ultra wide angle lens, captures the nature and big moments of events in a wide range of angle. Comes with 50-in-1 usable different types of accessories to gear up your action cam. Neewer cam is a WiFi sports camera just download the EZ iCam App on iOS or Android store and then connect with the camera, so you can control your camera remotely, instantly share your pictures images and videos on your social media account. Neewer cam has a multiple modes of features like, loop recording, time lapse, image rotstion, exposure, and continuous shooting.

09. Best For Vlogging: AKASO EK7000 SPORTS CAMERA

Best action camera

4.4 out of 5 ratings


Specs and Features

Brand: AKASO EK7000 • Ultra HD • waterproof • DV Camcorder • 12MP • 270° wide angle lens • 2inch LCD screen • 2.4Ghz remote control • 2 batteries • 19 mounting kits •

AKASO – EK7000 model is one of the best selling Action Camera in the market, you can buy this on Amazon and order it online. Perfect for outdoor activities such as diving, skiing, climbing, surfing, paragliding, parachuting and many more. It comes with a variety of usable 19 mounting kits to gear up your acyion cam.

Akaso cam features instant share at anytime anyplace via built-in wifi so you can stay connected to your smart phone or tablet. Captures a high quality and stunning 4K 25fps offers a more shaprer clearer images and videos. High resolution and high frame rate distinctly smooth video, burst photo at a blistering 30 frames per seconds.


Don’t let their size fool you! Action cameras are small but mighty, packing a punch with features that make them ideal for capturing life’s adventures. Built to be tough and waterproof, these cameras can take whatever you throw at them, whether you’re kayaking down rapids or mountain biking through rough terrain.

Stunning image quality is another hallmark of action cameras. Many models boast 4K Ultra HD resolution, allowing you to record your most memorable moments in incredible detail. But that’s not all! Action cameras come loaded with features like time lapse, burst photos, loop recording, slow motion, and more. These features give you the creative freedom to transform your videos and photos into something truly special.

Beyond action sports, action cameras have a wide range of uses. In fact, they’re commonly mounted on cars as dash cams, providing a constant video record of your drives for added security and peace of mind.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a budget action camera:

  • Image quality: How important is image quality to you? If you’re just looking for something to capture basic vacation footage, then a lower-resolution camera may be sufficient. However, if you’re planning on doing any serious videography, then you’ll want to get a camera that can shoot in at least 1080p at 60fps.
  • Features: What features are important to you? Some action cameras come with a variety of features, such as built-in Wi-Fi, voice control, and GPS. Decide which features are important to you and choose a camera that has them.
  • Battery life: How long do you need your camera to battery to last? Action cameras can be very battery-intensive, so it’s important to choose one that has a long battery life if you’ll be using it for extended periods of time.
  • Durability: How durable do you need your camera to be? Action cameras are designed to be taken on adventures, so they should be able to withstand a bit of abuse. Look for a camera that is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

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