Top 10 Nokia old vintage phones

Nokia has had the coolest phones for many years. We’ll never forget the vintage Nokia phones. Starting from old phones such as 3310, 7210, and so on.

01. Nokia 3310

File:Nokia 3310 Blue R7309170 (retouch).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Nokia 3310 was made by Finnish and Hungarian manufacturers. South Korea developed the 3315s for the Asian region. The Nokia 3310 is a GSM phone that was introduced in the final quarter of 2000, superseding the successful Nokia 3210.

The phone is still highly regarded, and its near-indestructibility has made it an icon. It was one of Nokia’s most popular phones, selling 126 million units worldwide and becoming one of the company’s most memorable devices.

In 2017, a new phone with the famous 3310 look was released. The new Nokia 3310 version offers a 2.4″ color display, which is a significant upgrade over its forerunner.

02. Nokia 3210

Nokia 3210 - Wikipedia

The 3210 is amongst the most prominent and profitable phones in existence, having sold 160 million items.  It is widely regarded as one of Nokia’s most notable devices.

The Nokia 3210 is a GSM cellular phone that was released on March 18, 1999 by Nokia. The 3210’s enormous market triumph was due to a mix of cutting-edge technologies such as inbuilt antennae. 

03. Nokia 2300

Nokia 2300 Price in the Philippines and Specs |

In August of 2003, the Nokia 2300 has been released, with its own ringtone typeface, up to 50 contacts, a phone log of called, missed, and received calls, a monochromatic panel, an FM radio, interchangeable Xpress-On covers, 3 games, and a calculator. There are five polyphonic ringtones and mostly monophonic tones.

04. Nokia 5300

Nokia's XpressMusic 5300 and 5200 announced, 3250 gets makeover | Engadget

The Nokia 5300 XpressMusic is a Nokia slider handset from the XpressMusic series. It debuted on September 26, 2006, and was distributed towards the close of the year. The phone allows you to browse a variety of online and mobile websites, including Google, YouTube, and Yahoo.

In addition, the phone offers an Active Standby mode that enables you to set shortcuts when the phone is turned off. By tapping the camera button, you may listen to music or launch the camera or video mode.

05. Nokia 6600

Nokia 6600 Full phone specifications ::

Nokia unveiled the Nokia 6600 handset on June 16, 2003, and it was valued at around €600 when it was marketed in October 2003. It was the top-of-the-line model of Nokia’s 6xxx Classic Corporate Collection. It had a VGA camera, a media player, Bluetooth, and memory card capacity.

The version is still used in various places around the globe, proving that it is a long-lasting device. The phone was designed to take the position of Nokia’s successful 6310i as the world’s most popular commercial model.

06. Nokia 1100

Nokia 1100 Mobile Phone: Electronics

Since it was first introduced, the Nokia 1100 has been the industry’s most inexpensive cell phone, making it perfect for underdeveloped countries. Here, since their introduction in late 2003, over 250 million 1100s have been purchased.

The Nokia 1100 and its closely similar versions, the Nokia 1101 and Nokia 1108, are Nokia’s entry-level GSM phones. The model was introduced on August 27, 2003, and it was phased out in 2009.

07. Nokia NGage

N-Gage QD - Wikipedia

In 2004, Nokia released the N-Gage QD, a remake of the original basic N-Gage that addressed several bugs and structural flaws.  Nokia’s N-Gage is a phone that combines the functions of a phone with a portable gaming device. The current platform, though, has failed to make an impression, selling only 2 million devices during its first two years.

08. Nokia 3600

Nokia 3600 specs - PhoneArena

09. Nokia 7110

Nokia 7110"Matrix" mobile phone unlocked fully refurbished, SIMfree,  unlocked, no logos - Mint: Electronics

Nokia’s 7110 was the company’s second phone with a sliding cover which might be operated to receive and end calls. A spring-powered release system was added to the 7110.  The cover may also be manually unlocked. A serial connection may also be connected to the phone extension port to enable the phone’s data to be synchronized and the phone to operate as a browser.

10. Nokia 5110

Nokia 5110 - Wikipedia

The Nokia 5110 has a monochrome LCD featuring 8448 pixels and four LED backlit keys. The Nokia 5110 was among the first phones to feature Snake as a game. It quickly rose to become one of the most popular devices of its time. The Nokia 5110 was withdrawn in the year 2000, and the lighter Nokia 3210 was its replacement. This was the first Nokia handset to include removable Nokia-branded faceplates. Over time, Nokia adapted this concept into a variety of consumer-oriented smartphones aimed at the young adult industry, allowing customers to personalize their devices.

11. Nokia 8110

Nokia 8110 - Wikipedia

In 1996, Nokia introduced the Nokia 8110, a cellphone. On September 9, 1996, it was unveiled as the first of Nokia’s high-end 8000 family of handsets. The case’s distinctive curves, especially when open, earned it the nickname “banana phone”. In addition, this was the first Nokia cellphone to include a monochromatic visual LCD. The keypad was covered by a sliding shell that extended lower during use, putting the mic near to the lips. When you open the lid, you’re also answering a phone call.

12. Nokia 8210

NOKIA 8210 ORIGINAL BRAND NEW | Shopee Philippines

The Nokia 8210 is a Nokia mobile phone that was released on October 8, 1999 in Paris. It was really the smallest and lightest Nokia smartphone in the industry at the time. As a result, its main marketing factor was its appearance and personalization, which included detachable Xpress-on covers. There are six different colored Xpress-on covers offered, and even a plethora of third-party skins. The phone measures 101.5 mm long, 44.5 mm broad, and 17.4 mm thick and weighs 79 g (with a lithium battery). It sports a front-lit monochrome screen with a green backlight and a green-illuminated keypad.

13. Nokia 6310

Nokia 6310i - Wikipedia

The Nokia 6310i was initially presented at the CeBIT trade show in March 2002, having been sold starting earlier that year and ending in late 2005. Nokia’s first tri-band phone (GSM 900/1800/1900) was released. This was mainly promoted as a business phone and was the leading GSM handset in the business sector for several years.

14. Nokia 3250

Nokia 3250 - Full phone specifications

15. Nokia N70 Nokia N70-1 (GSM Only, No CDMA) Factory Unlocked 3G - UK  Version with No Warranty (Silver)

16. Nokia N95

Nokia N95 - Wikipedia

17. Nokia 5300 Nokia 5300 XpressMusic - Black GSM (T-Mobile) Cellular Phone

18. Nokia N90

Nokia N90 - Full phone specifications
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