The best iPad Pro 12.9inch Sleeves

13 best sleeves for iPad Pro 12.9inch

The iPad Pro fifth generation is the most recent device to join the iPad lineup. It offers a 40% higher graphics capabilities than the 4th generation version, thanks to a stronger CPU.

The latest variant also features the same eight-core M1 CPU as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini. From which the iPad Pro’s debut, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro has been Apple’s biggest tablet.

Though Apple has made changes to the dimensions of previous iPad devices, notably numerous changes to the lesser iPad Pro, it appears that the largest iPad Apple offers may be subjected to almost the same approach in the future. (The Best Cases for iPad Pro 5th gen 12.9inch)

If you’re frequently cramming your tablet inside overhead compartments on airlines, a cover or sleeve can provide tons of security. A vibrant sleeve with an intellectual flair, a suede purse, a cheery bag, or perhaps some modern case will keep the iPad Pro secure.

Yet it’s simply a practical method to transport your gadget back and forth between tea store and travel, or outdoor events. You undoubtedly prefer your sleeves to reflect your personal character or charm as they’re executing their function, no matter what sort you pick.

01. tomtoc Tablet Shoulder Sleeve Bag for 12.9-inch New iPad Pro

with Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio Front Pocket for Accessories

image tomtoc

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Key Features and Details

It has an additional shoulder strap as well as a detachable, innovatively constructed back handle for convenient carrying. It may also be carried in a backpack, travel bag, or suitcase as a sleeve. Like a car airbag, the CornerArmor trademark structure at the base shields the iPad Pro against shocks and impacts during probable mishaps.

A strong, soft covering barrier surrounding the inside and dense cushioning inside guard your tablet from scratches, cushion impacts, and offer shock absorption. Made with high-quality YKK zippers, wear-resistant, spill-resistant, and water-resistant fabric for a longer life. A primary container for the iPad is included in the sufficient space.

02. MoKo 12.9 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Fits iPad Pro 12.9

Polyester Bag Fit with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard

image Moko

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Key Features and Details

The sleeve bag is wearing-resistant, dirt-proof, and waterproof, thanks to its high-quality polyester fabric and high-density foam interior. Adequately defend your gadget from scratches. A large cushion pad is built-in to protect the tablet from being shocked if it drops by mistake. It has a seamless zipper closing for maximum security, and it protects your tablet. The elegant sleeve cover is transportable, slim, and compact, so

This sleeve is both durable and lightweight, making it ideal for regular usage. And you can take it with you everywhere you go.

The MoKo elegant tablet sleeve bag protects and organizes up to a 12.9-inch tablet. Remove the stress that accompanies with a broken gadget. Damage resistance is restricted with polyester sleeves. It protects your gadgets against dust and dirt, ensures that nothing in your luggage damages them, and avoids dents from tiny impacts. It closes with a tight zip for quick and simple accessibility.

03. Comfyable Tablet Sleeve 12.9 inch iPad Pro

Leather Waterproof Slim Protective Cover Case with Pencil Holder

image Comfyable

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Key Features and Details

The upper inside of this 12.9-inch iPad Pro case has a secure neoprene cover that provides extra tight shielding and prevents the zipper from scratching. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro case’s smooth inside fleece lining gives a scratch-free surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about your iPad becoming injured or scratched.

The outside of this iPad Pro case is constructed of sturdy and waterproof leather fabric, with no water permitted. 

This tablet case is intended particularly for iPad devices that have a pencil hold.  The iPad Pro sleeve bag has excellent EPE foam cushioning to give effective protection against minor stresses and impacts. Some tablet covers and computer backpacks don’t have enough cushioning to keep your iPad safe. You’ll don’t have to bother regarding dropping a beverage or strolling during a rain.

04. tomtoc Tablet Sleeve Bag for 12.9-inch

with Magic Keyboard Folio Pro Case, Front Pocket for Tablet Accessories

image tomtoc

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Key Features and Details

The tablet sleeve has a big compartment holding the iPad Pro, as well as two extra pockets when storing accessories like a charger, cable, hub, iPad pencil, and many more. Its front tiny pocket’s magnetic locks make it easy to reach your tablet peripherals, phone, earphones, and other items.

The Tomtoc tablet sleeve is sleek, slender, and lightweight. And it can be handled on its own without imparting excessively mass to the tablet, or it may be conveniently transferred inside other handbag, knapsack, or luggage.

It protects your tablet against scrapes, grime, and wetness with a long-lasting water-resistant fabric. It also includes shock-absorbing cushioning and a soft fleece component inner for a smooth touch and added protection from shocks and falls.

05. FINPAC 12.9-13 Inch Tablet Laptop Sleeve Case

Best Multifunctional & Durable Sleeve

image Fintie

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Key Features and Details

Finpac sleeve are water-repellent and abrasion-resistant sleeves. It serves to protect your device against debris, vibrations, bangs, scratches, scrapes, and spillage. With a nylon outside and a shock-resistant soft foam air pad inside. Little personal possessions, including a mobile phone, mouse, cords, adapters, a battery pack, pencils, and other accessories, can be stored in this multifunctional mesh bag.

Earphones are easily accessible thanks to a hole for headphone use on the exterior. Your smartphone is protected from knocks and scratches with shock-absorbing cushioning at the lower corners. A clever zipper provides simple access while also increasing security. A more versatile carrying experience is provided with the changeable shoulder strap and extendable grip.

06. Comfyable Tablet Sleeve for iPad Pro 12.9 inch

with Pencil Holder, Waterproof Zipper Case

image Comfyable

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Key Features and Details

Developed for the innovative 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Clever Keyboard Cover. Outer fabric-like & microfiber material featuring rose gold accent with a distinctive exterior robust and water resistant fabric-like.  The feathered and cashmere touch is enhanced by the plush inside with velour lining.

Thus it safeguards from damage in the event of an accident. Upgraded EPE foam cushioning provides additional shock and impact prevention. A unique protective flap in the upper inside provides additional tight protection and keeps the zipper from rubbing.

07. ProCase 12-12.9 inch Sleeve Case Bag for iPad Pro

Best Budget Sleeve

image ProCase

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Key Features and Details

It is simple, yet it satisfies all of your requirements. Slim, portable, and lightweight, it can be carried on its own or fit into a briefcase, backpack, or other luggage, making it ideal for work, school, or vacation. This sleeve is composed of smooth, eco-friendly fabrics and can protect your tablet from dust, grime, scrapes, and bumps.

With An additional compartment in front with ample room for pens, phones, cables, adapters, memory cards, and other small items. This sleeve bag can be opened wide at 180 degrees, allowing easy access to any tablet or laptop.

08. Dadanism 12.9 Inch Tablet Sleeve Shoulder Bag for New iPad Pro 12.9″

Best Shoulder Bag Sleeve

image Dadanism

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Key Features and Details

This shoulder case sleeve offers great wearing durability, fracture toughness, incomparable force, softness, etc., coupled with the outside dacron and the inside. The strong and shock-resistant Pearl cotton underlayment can resist a variety of impacts. It guards against scrapes, scuffs, knocks, and shocks to your device.

It has a flexible shoulder strap for taking your tablet on excursions, at the beach, in the shop, as well as on the run. You may carry it in your bag or briefcase because it’s sleek. A small and useful front pocket is designed to keep your pens, cell phones, wires, and chargers separate from the main area of the iPad.

09. HYZUO Sleeve Case

Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 with Small Bag, Mint Green

image HYZUO


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Key Features and Details

This beautiful and attractive iPad sleeve provides you with an easy and secure solution to prevent unforeseen harm to your laptop. Microfibre suede leather is waterproof and anti-scratch, and is high-strength and long-lasting. The strong inner plash fitting gives your iPad stress absorption.

The distinctive stylish style also lends your appliance the most useful but trendy appeal and allows you to hold your device in an exceptionally elegant way. Perfect for work and leisure. No more chaos in your luggage.

You can place a charger, cable, mouse, earphones, and some other small items in a tiny accessory pouch. It may also be used as a storage bag for cosmetics.

10. Smatree Hard Shell Carrying Case

Compatible for 12.9 inch iPad Pro

image Smartfree

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Key Features and Details

It is convenient for long journeys, vacations, and home keeping. The outside is constructed of a high-quality, durable material that is both waterproof and dustproof. You won’t have to worry about pouring water or rain, and it will safeguard your iPad Pro from being shocked or colliding, making it extra sturdy and long-lasting.

The internal pocket and divided chambers will hold the iPad and items from scuffs and make them more arranged, efficient, and tidy. Hard protected iPad Pro bag for Apple devices, Magic Mouse 2, power adapter, Apple pencil, and more. 

11. hecho. Leather Sleeve Fernando for iPad Pro 12.9″ Handmade from Leather

Best Leather Sleeve

image Amazon

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Key Features and Details

  • Minimalist Design
  • Premium Cow Leather
  • Handmade with Love
  • Social and Fair Trade

This long-lasting iPad sleeve is handmade from the finest leather and sewn with strong hemp thread. All hecho. bags sleeves are produced in limited numbers in collaboration with small family companies in Latin America. It help such people and communities by charging a reasonable price. It involves a 24-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you use your iPad without the Magic Cover, simply pick the iPad 11″ size.

12. Lacdo 13 inch Sleeve Case 12.9″ iPad Pro

Waterproof Shockproof Sleeve

image Lacdo

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Key Features and Details

It is constructed of a waterproof canvas fabric that efficiently blocks water and vapor. Don’t be concerned about having the iPad and belongings wet from rain or spilling liquids. There are an additional 2 front compartments with enough space for papers, a charger, a mouse, a connector, a smartphone, USB drives, a SD card, pencils, and so on.

The sleeve’s top-loading zipper slides easily and offers instant access to the device. The anti-static device has multiple layers of security: a water-resistant layer, a dustproof layer, and an interior layer of fluffy material. The device efficiently absorbs impacts, reduces injuries from unintentional bumping, and protects your pad from blemishes.

13. Inateck Tablet Case 12.9” iPad Pro, 12.3” Organizer Accessory Bag

Lightweight Full Protection

image Inateck

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Key Features and Details

Inateck has been following a simplistic product architecture approach. The traditional basic style is appropriate for traveling, business, education, and a variety of other events. The surface is constructed of a splash-resistant substance, which delivers robust protection. The sleeve is padded with thick plush flannelette and provides all-around protection for the tablet.

To avoid unintentional damage to your tablet, a covering strip is attached to the zipper. It is designed with two compartments that can carry a tablet or a laptop. The accessory section has a large mesh bag, 8 elastic fastening tapes, and 3 card slots for organizing goods. The sleeve is quite compact and handy. Because of the twin handles, that can be arranged into the pockets when not in use,

If you’re still uncertain, we have some suggestions.

For organized, compact and good protection, we recommend, tomtoc sleeve. The tablet sleeve has a big compartment holding the iPad Pro, as well as two extra pockets when storing accessories like a charger, cable, hub, iPad pencil, and many more. Or the ProCase, for the 12.9 Inch protective Sleeve case that is both compact and intricately constructed. It makes your necessities arranged and safeguards the iPad from harm whenever you ‘re on the move.

For slim and light you can choose MoKo sleeve. It is elegant tablet sleeve bag protects and organizes up to a 12.9-inch tablet. Damage resistance is restricted with polyester sleeves. It protects your gadgets against dust and dirt.

For leather waterproof, you can choose Comfyable sleeve. The case has a smooth inside fleece lining gives a scratch-free surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about your iPad becoming injured or scratched.

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