Electric Shaver for men: Top 10 best razors shavers for men

Here are the Top 10 Best Electric shavers Razors FOR MEN. You can buy at the online store particularly at amazon as one of the top online store in the U.S. Electric shaver or razor is the improved evolution of of the typical shaver that every men use. To help men to shave their beard mustache and sideburns with comfort and with precision using these Electric shaver. Shave your hairs even you are in shower or in bath without worries because Electric razors and made from waterproof and fully washable materials for easy cleaning. Electric shaver/razor made with precision, you can do hairstyles haircutting according to your style.


1 –  REMINGTON Electric men’s Shaver – black razor

remington electric shaver for men

REMINGTON is our top pick for Electric Razor for men. It has many fearures like Intercept shaving technology, pivot & flex foil technology, pop up detail trimmer, washable, cordless and LED Battery gauge see the charge level while using the the Razor or it is charging. You can use it cordless or with cord and charge it quickly for just 5 minutes. Easy on maintainance wash it under your faucet. It has the Pop-up trimmer for precise cuts on your beard and sideburns. with the Pivot and flex technology you are able to adjust the shaver head and have a close contact around your chin jawline and neck. Item weighs about 1.25 pounds, get this best selling shaver REMINGTON ELECTRIC RAZOR AT AMAZON

2 –  PANASONIC ARC5 Electric Razor for men with 5 blade and sensor

Panasonic arc5 electric razor

This is the PANASONIC 5blade ARC5 Electric Razor for men. It features precision pop up trimmer that quickly and easily trim down your mustache beard and sideburns. With multi flex pivoting shaver head that allows to flexes back and forth and from side to sides adapts the contours of your face next and jaw. It has Active shave sensor technology that allows to detect the differences of your beard density automatically adjusted the flow of your beard thickest and softness. It comes with 5 ultra sharp precision blades that cuts various types of hairs very efficient to make your face looks clean. Use it on wet and dry whenever you are in the shower or you are in your room. The Panasonic electric shaver comes with a linear motor that provides 14,000 cuts per minute.  It is portable and rechargeable with LCD battery indicator to show you the battery status. Item weighs about 6.9 ounces –  BUY ONE AT AMAZON

3 –  PHILIPS Norelco shaver for men

philips norelco shaver for men

Inside the box is the Philips Shaver 4500, protective cap, power cord and cleaning glass. Philips Norelco electric shaver for men have a full 2 year warranty and with 45 day money back guarantee. It offers Pivot Flex and float system that keeps in contact with your skin for an efficient shave. With Dual precision shaving system that shaves long and short hairs. It is fully washable for easy cleaning, LED battery Charge indicator to show battery status it has a quick charge fully charge it 3 minutes. Philips electtic shaver, shaving is easy and fast gentle on your skin. – Grab one now at AMAZON

4 –  BRAUN Electric shaver series 3 proskin

 braun electric shaver

The BRAUN electric shaver is German brand a world class precision shavers and globally recognized provides great designs good performance and trusted everywhere. It offers, Advanced shaving technology that gives gentle shave thanks to his 3 shaving system  that works together and use a sensofoil to protects the skin from shaver’s blade. Micro Comb tech which catches hairs for faster shave and protect the skin. With Skin sensitivity the blades are automatically retract for skin protection and gives a gentle smooth shave. Intelligent design and built-in precision the Series 3 is built for precision to reach difficult areas of your skin with precision for shaping and trimming beards. It is 100% waterproof so you can use it in wet and dry situation. It uses premium battery fully charge in 1 hour and use it for 45 minutes with LED display.  Have it now on AMAZON

5 –  BRAUN Electric Shaver series 7 for men

braun series 7 shaver

Braun Series 7 shaver offers great experience shaving gentle and smooth shaving for men. Built in responsive intelligence responds to every kinds of skin of faces to deliver smooth and gentle shave. Products features: Three cutting elements to cuts hairs in one stroke. Delivers 10,000 micro vibrations, 8-D flex adapts on every skin’s contours and reach every hard areas of your beard. It shaves on wet and dry situations, shaves by up to 50 minutes of 1 hour of charge. It weighs about 1.85 pounds. –  ORDER ONE NOW AT AMAZON

6 –  PHILIPS Norelco multi groomer

 philips norelco shaver

The Philips Norelco electric shaver for men product features are: Dual cut technology the steel blades sharpen as they work 2x more self sharpening. No blade oil needed to maintain, uses powerful lithium battery by up to 60 minutes of use fully charge of 8 hours. Precision trimming exact for sharp lines for nose and ear. Non corrosive blades washable and water resistant easy cleaning. With 3 beards guards and 3 hair guards to trims comfortably of any type of beard and hairs. –  GET IT NOW AT AMAZON

7 –  EUNON electric shaver for men

 eunon electric shaver

The EUNON shaver is another great and with reasonable price electric shaver. Products features Wet shave in bath or in shower or using gel or foam or you use it in dry. It has Smart travel lock to avoid activation while you are on your way. With cleaning reminders that reminds you to clean after 2 minutes of continuous use. Waterproof for easy cleaning you can wash the whole body under your faucet for cleaning. Charge it for 60 minutes and use it for 90 continuous use, includes the USB quick charging. One touch to open the Pop-up trimmer to trim quickly sideburns and mustache with precision. –  GET IT NOW AT AMAZON

8 –  PANASONIC ARC4 Mens electric razor 4 blade

 panasonic arc4 shaver

PANASONIC ARC provides great precision shaving for men shaver. Products features: High performance dual motor system, Multi flex pivoting head and pop-up trimmer. Arc4 efficiently cuts hair smooth and shave clean, shave your beard and mustache in wet or dry in your bath or your on shower. With precision using the pop-up trimmer for your sideburns and mustache in detailed grooming. The shaver uses 4 ultra sharp stainless blades that cuts easily hairs. Uses linear motor with 14,000 cuts per minute plus the flexible pivoting head it follows every contours of your face. It is lightweight about 7 ounces only have this one Panasonic Arc 4 electric shaver for men –  GET IT NOW AT AMAZON


9 –  BRAUN Series 9 electric shaver for men

braun electric shaver series 9

BRAUN SERIES is one of the worlds best electric shaver known for his efficient comfortable shaver. BRAUN Shaver best in precision shaving because of his closeness to the skin and cuts more hairs in one stroke. SERIES 9 FEATURES Skin comfort you only need one stroke no need to repeat this reduces skin irritation. It is waterproof you can wash it under running water or shave while your in shower shave wet or dry. Made and designed by German craftmanship that built to last. It has a charging stand so you will never travel and run out of power. Get this Braun Series 9 electric shaver for men –  ORDER ONE NOW AT AMAZON


10 –  SWEETLF 3D Electric shaver for men


Our top 10 pick is the SWEETLF 3D Electric Shaver for men.  The SweetLF 3D is 100% waterproof IPX7 with Pop-up trimmer for precision trimming. Fully washable for easy cleaning under running water or wash it in your faucet. Charge it using the USB Charger for 60 minutes and you can use it for 120 minutes running time. It uses a 3D floating head that perfectly fits the curves of your face and neck. You can mute the High Speed motor for Low noise shaving. Enjoy the extreme shaving system with self healing technology for longer sharpness of the blades plus it will not damage your skin. Fast charge it for 1hr and will give you 120 minutes of shaving time, with LED Display to show clearly to avoid low battery usage.  – GET HERE AT AMAZON


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