The Best Casio G-Shock Watches in USA

The Best Casio G-Shock Watches in USA 1

Casio G-SHOCK watches are renowned for their durability and style. They are popular among athletes, adventurers, and everyday people who appreciate a tough and reliable watch. If you’re looking for a G-SHOCK watch, Amazon is a great place to start your search. They offer a wide selection of models at competitive prices.

G-Shock Watch – It is manufactured by Casio and built to resist mechanical shock and vibrations. The “G” stands for Gravitational Shock. The watch is ultimately designed for sports, the military and outdoor activities. G-Shock watches are a combination of digital and analog types of watches. It features a stopwatch, a countdown timer, LED light, is shock resistant, water resistant, and many more.

The first G-Shock watch was first introduced in 1983 to meet the demand of consumers who wanted durable watches. The first watch model was the DW-5000C, with a 10 year battery life, 10 bar, water resistant and able to survive a 10 meter fall onto a hard surface. G-Shock is made with super hard, durable materials like urethane rubber bumpers and stainless steel.

These are just a few of the many great Casio G-SHOCK watches that you can find on Amazon. With so many models to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs and style.

Best CASIO G-SHOCK U.S edition

1 – CASIO Men’s G-SHOCK Military Series watch GA-100-1A1

casio gshock military series

The Military series G-Shock is amazing watch one of the best selling watch you can buy on AMAZON. It features analog type made of durable shock proof resin band and resin non-movable bezel ultra tough durable watch. Item can be shipped even in outside U.S.

Product Features and Description: Flexible resin band, digital face display, buckle closure. Water resistant up to 200 meters, with countdown timer, backlight auto LED with afterglow, calendar display is pre-programmed until year 2099. Feature both digital and analog watch type. G-Shock casio watch is designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration with triple 10 development concept, 10 meter free fall drop endurance, 10 bar water resistance and a 10 year battery life. Surely Men and even women with definitely loved this watch.

2 – CASIO Men’s G-Shock DW5600E-1V – black

g-shock digital watch

This is the Casio men’s G-shock sport watch shock resistant  resin sport watch with illuminator water 200meter resist, Electro Luminescent Backlight – model DW5600E-1V 

Product Features: Best selling Casio digital sport watch,  water resistant by up to 200 meter. With Luminescent electro backlight. Durable shock proof, multi-function Alarm and Stopwatch, Countdown Timer, Auto repeat function, Auto calendar pre-programmed until year 2039.  Buckle clasp, the case and band material is made of resin include the bezel with stationary function, Quartz movement, can deep down into water by up to 660 feet.

3 – CASIO Men’s G-shock Analog watch – model G-100-1BVMCI

casio gshock analog watch

Another best selling Casio watch is the Men’s G-shock analog type watch. With four function buttons to select from light, watch adjustment, watch mode. Calendar display is digital, Shock resistance and water resist 200 meter.

Product Features: Durable G-shock proof screen display are scratch resistant. Special feature is the Stopwatch with measuring capacity and measuring unit. Quartz movement, life battery is up to three years, black resin band, calendar pre-programmed until year 2039. Get it here the best Casio G-shock 2019 California edition.

4 – CASIO Men’s G-Shock X-Large black multi-functional – GD100-1BCR

casio gshock california

This is the X-Large black multi-functional Men’s G-Shock Casio watch. 200 water resistant with countdown timer, stop watch, world time and many more functional watch mode.

Product features and description: Shock resistant, 200 meter water resistance. Comes with multi-functional watch features like Stop watch, Auto calendar, World time, LED Light, Countdown timer and Alarm mode. It is build with a large face to easy read and use of functional buttons. It has a super luminous display thanks to the auto LED back light. Uses quartz movement, Analog display type, Oval type shape and Calendar display is date, day and month.

5 – Men’s Casio Neon highlights G-Shock – GA-100

casio neon gshock california

The Neon Highlights men’s Casio G-shock is one of the best G-shock watch by Casio model GA-100. Best Casio G-shock 2019 California.

Product Features: Shock resistant and with 200 meter water resistant. The GA-100 NEON HIGHLIGHTS is a must watch with NEON Blue hands with cut out details, shock resistant and water resistant always ready for your daily adventure. Build with matte durable Resin band, tonal face and using an Analog and digital timekeeping. With LED Illuminator. Made from shock absorbing and anti-magnetic digital timekeeping. Quartz movement with Analog digital display suitable for swimming, snorkeling, and any marine activity or any water sports. Clasp buckle, stainless steel case, Resin Band and stationary resin bezel.

6 – G-SHOCK Quartz sport watch resin strap – model GA-100LG-8ACR 

gshock casio men sport best watch 2019

Casio Quartz Sport watch “Ice Gray” big case digital analog model GA100 Series by Casio.

Product Features: USA or Imported watch by Casio. Offers shock resistant, 200 meter water suitable for water sports and for professional marine activity. With Auto LED light, World time and daily Alarm. This watch is quartz movement, round shape, analog and digital display type. Using clasp buckle Resin band material and stationary bezel only 8 ounces of weight. 


7 – CASIO G-SHOCK Layered Neon color – Model GA-110-8AJF

casio gshock layered neon 2019

This watch is the Casio G-Shock water resistant Layered Neon color includes in the GA110 Series of Casio watch.

Product features: A Layered Neon color models big bold case model GA-110. Offers variety of functional buttons, World time with 29 time zone and 48 cities. With 5 time daily Alarms 1 snooze alarm. Round shape watch, Analog and Digital Display type. Band and case are made of durable Resin and using quartz movement Model 2016-

8 – CASIO G-Shock G-Steel GSTS130BC-1A3 Green

casio g steel watch 2019 california

ANALOG type watch by Casio Green color with 3 separate window G-Steel and Shock resistant.

Product Features: Comes with a 200 meter water resistant suitable for swimming, snorkeling and diving and any marine activity. Using Double LED Light, Neon illuminator with selectable illumination and afterglow. Weighs 8 ounce model year 2017.

9 – CASIO G-SHOCK MudMaster Men’s Japan import GWG-100-1AJF

gshock mudmaster casio california

The Mudmaster G-shock watche features toughness and ruggedness look of a G-shock by Casio Japan also offers  auto double LED Light both Neon illuminator and the Super illuminator for the LCD display.

Product Description: Comes with Analog and Digital display, Quartz movement and Water resistant up to 200 meters good for swimming diving and any marine activity and water sports. It is a round shape type model year 2015 this is the newest release in 2015 by Casio Japan manufacturing, Item weighs 3.04 ounces best features is the Solar and Radio powered model. Have this best Casio G-shock 2019 California edition on Amazon.

10 – CASIO G-SHOCK G-STEEL Limited Edition – Blue note records Bluetooth watch

casio limited edition gshock california 2019

This is the Casio 2019 released features Bluetooth watch Solar Power plus Shock and Water resistant. It is the Limited edition watch by Casio to celebrate the company’s Blue Note’s 80th anniversary.

Product Description: Special features it the built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Shock resistant, 200meter water resistant, Solar powered also using LED Light super illuminator and afterglow. The watch battery can be use for 5 months in his full solar charge. It is analog type watch with 3 hands. The back of the watch case will see an engraved Blue Notes logo in honor for the company 80th anniversary. 


Choosing the right G-Shock watch can be tricky with so many amazing options available! To narrow it down, here are some steps you can follow:

1. Consider your needs and lifestyle:

  • Activities: Will you use it for outdoor adventures, everyday wear, or something specific like surfing or running? Different G-Shock lines cater to various activities, like the Mudmaster for harsh environments or the G-LIDE for surfing.
  • Features: Do you need features like a stopwatch, compass, or solar charging? Consider which features would be most useful for you.
  • Style: Do you prefer a classic digital look, a more analog style, or something unique? G-Shocks come in various designs, from chunky and bold to sleek and minimalist.
  • Budget: G-Shocks range in price, so set a realistic budget to guide your search.

2. Explore different G-Shock lines:

  • Master of G: Built for extreme conditions, offering features like shock resistance, mud resistance, and multi-sensor capabilities. Popular models include the Rangeman and Mudman.
  • Classic: Iconic square design with basic functions like timekeeping, alarm, and stopwatch. Great for everyday wear. Popular models include the DW5600 and GWM5610.
  • G-STEEL: Combines G-Shock toughness with stainless steel accents for a more premium look. Good for those who want a dressier G-Shock. Popular models include the GST-B200 and GST-S130.
  • Other lines: G-LIDE for surfers, GA-2100 for a slimmer profile, and many more, each with unique features and styles.

3. Research specific models:

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, research specific models within your chosen line. Read reviews, compare features, and check prices to find the best fit for you.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Try the watch on if possible: G-Shocks come in different sizes and thicknesses, so ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Consider collaborations and limited editions: G-Shock often collaborates with brands and artists, offering unique designs.
  • Check online communities and forums: G-Shock enthusiasts share their experiences and recommendations.

By following these steps and considering your individual needs, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect G-Shock watch!

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