The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 Plus is a larger version of the iPhone 14, with a 6.7-inch display and a longer battery life. It was released in October 2022. Here’s an image of the iPhone 14 Plus:

It has the same A15 Bionic chip as the iPhone 13, but with a slightly faster GPU. It also has an improved dual-camera system on the back, with a new 12MP main sensor and a 12MP ultrawide sensor. The front-facing camera has also been improved, to 12MP.

The iPhone 14 Plus is available in five colors: Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Product Red, and Purple. It starts at $899 for the 128GB model.

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 1

Mkeke Designed for iPhone 14 Plus Case Clear,

Protect Your iPhone 14 Plus in Style

Want to safeguard your iPhone 14 Plus from scratches and dings? The ideal case depends on your needs and preferences. Here’s a guide to finding the perfect match:

  • Consider your lifestyle: Are you accident-prone and need a heavy-duty case? Or do you prioritize a slim design that shows off the phone’s aesthetics?
  • Think about protection: Different cases offer varying levels of protection. Rugged cases with raised edges and shock absorption are great for klutzes, while slim cases provide basic scratch protection.
  • Material matters: Silicone cases offer a nice balance of protection and grip, while clear cases showcase the phone’s design. Leather cases add a touch of luxury and provide a comfortable grip.
  • Don’t forget functionality: Some cases come with built-in kickstands or wallets for added convenience. MagSafe compatibility allows you to easily attach wireless chargers and accessories.

The iPhone 14 Plus may be protected with a variety of covers that are always available to purchase on Amazon, many of which can help keep your screen and glass back from cracking as well as preventing scratches and scrapes. The top case alternatives for all iPhone 14 versions are listed below in a range of designs and price points, from smaller to more robust covers. We tested each of these covers using an iPhone 14 and will keep adding more great cases as we come across others that we believe deserve to be included.

Keep in mind that you need to obtain the right case for your specific iPhone 14 model if you have purchased an iPhone 14 and are searching for a cover for it. There are now four models available: the bigger iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Pro models, including the iPhone 14 Pro, have additional cameras that necessitate a wider notch on the back of your case.

Since 2018, I’ve reviewed iPhone covers as part of my blog. Since then, there have been thousands of cases involving every iteration of Apple’s flagship handset. I’ve understood what to look for when buying a new case and, more significantly, what else to ignore. You should seek out a case that matches your lifestyle, preserves and safeguards your phone, and exhibits your sense of style because cases are tactile, intensely personal things. Keep scrolling down to see what we have picked for the best cases that will fit the iPhone 14 Plus, which measures 6.7 inches.

01. Best Overall Pick: Mkeke case for iPhone 14 Plus

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 2

Key Features: Mkeke Designed for iPhone 14 Plus Case Clear, [Non Yellowing] [Military Grade Protection] Shockproof Slim Case for iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 inch 2022

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

High-definition polyurethane and polycarbonate materials are used in this case for the iPhone 14 Plus, which is crystal clear and anti-yellowing. Both the inside and exterior have been coated with a scratch-resistant material on the surface. To minimize yellowing over time, all materials and coatings have been adjusted. Protection for the camera and screen from drops and scratches is provided by raised bezels.

The protected design of 3mm lips over the camera and there are 1.92mm bezels over the screen which provide extra comprehensive protection. Military Drop Protection: The thickness of this case acts as a bumper for iPhone 14 Plus and is 3.3mm. The 4 corners of the case have built-in airbags designed to provide solid protection for the iPhone 14 Plus.

02. Best Runner Up: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 3

Key Features: Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Plus Case (2022) – Crystal Clear

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4.8 out of 5 Rating

hybrid technology with a sturdy PC back and a TPU bumper. Transparency that is very transparent displays the unique phone design.

Screens and cameras are raised off of flat surfaces by raised bezels. Large holes accommodate most wires, while pronounced buttons are simple to feel and press. Case for the iPhone 14 Plus that fits the iPhone 14 Plus

03. Best Clear Case: TORRAS Diamond Clear case for iPhone 14 Plus

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 4

Key Features: TORRAS Diamond Clear Designed for iPhone 14 Plus Case, [10FT Mil-Grade Protection] [Non-Yellowing] Shockproof Protective Hard Back Ultra-Thin Slim Phone Case for iPhone 14 Plus 6.7″, Crystal Clear

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4.6 out of 5 Rating

The Torras iPhone 14 Plus phone cover, Diamond Clear & Minimalist Design. enhances the svelte appearance of your gadget for a long time. It effectively resists yellowing brought on by hand sweat and ultraviolet rays thanks to German optical Bayer material, the most cutting-edge high molecular resistance yellowing technology, and exclusive blue-molecule technology. Diamond Clear on your phone allows the phone’s original color to show through. Lifted bezels surrounding the camera and an enhanced 360° camera airbag help prevent scratches on those delicate locations.

This iPhone 14 Plus cover has survived more than 8,000 drops from a height of 10 feet without suffering any harm. Full protection for your phone is provided by a 4-layer dynamic shock-absorbing wraparound bumper, a 3-generation X-Shock airbag structure on the corners, and a 4-H scratch-resistant hardness back. A 1.5-mm lip has been added to the top and bottom of the iPhone 14 Plus clear case specifically to provide optimum protection against daily wear and tear for the screen and camera.

04. Best Budget Pick: FLEXGEAR Clear Case for iPhone 14 Plus

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 5

Key Features: FLEXGEAR [Full Protection] Case for iPhone 14 Plus and 2X Glass Screen Protectors with 2X Camera Lens Protectors – Crystal Clear

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4.6 out of 5 Rating

While being protected from unintentional drops, the crystal-clear hard back cover with [Anti-Yellowing Technology] lets you enjoy the iPhone 14 Plus’s original beauty. Raised bezels elevate the camera and screen off of flat surfaces, reducing damage to the camera lenses and screen. compatible with MagSafe and wireless chargers. A phone cover, two tempered glass screen protectors, an alignment tool (black frame) for flawless screen protector installation, and two camera lens safety goggles are all included in the “full protection package.”

Your phone screen is protected against breaking, scratches, and bumps with the easily installed Aura Shield tempered glass screen protector. You will feel a smooth touch thanks to the hydrophobic coating’s anti-fingerprint properties. Using the supplied alignment tool, install like a pro. Protect your stunning camera from spills, scratches, and other mishaps with the included iPhone 14 Plus camera lens cover, which also preserves the original image quality.

05. Value Pick: IMBZBK for iPhone 14 Plus Clear Case

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 6

Key Features: IMBZBK [10 in 1] for iPhone 14 Plus Case Clear with 3 Pack Glass Screen Protector Accessories 3 Pack Camera Lens Cover Protective Slim Thin Cute Phone Cases Funda Compatible with MagSafe Women Men

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4.3 out of 5 Rating

IMBZBK’s Case supports wireless charging and comes with a magnetic ring that you can DIY install as needed, making wireless charging more reliable and fast than ever. With the strong suction, there is no need to be concerned that jostling the phone may cause the attachments to fall off. Slim fit and a grip with the ideal amount of ergonomics.

IMBZBK’s screen protector is constructed of 9H tempered glass, protecting it from drops, shocks, and scratches. Because the 0.33-mm ultra-thin layer preserves response sensitivity and exquisite touch, you won’t notice the protection. Additionally, it provides comfort and assurance for one-handed messaging, gaming, and selfies.

A nanohydrophobic substance coating helps to efficiently eliminate fingerprints and grime, keeping the screen clear and clean. You will experience the ultimate high-definition visual feast because of the optical-grade light transmittance. IMBZBK’s camera protector uses nano electrostatic adsorption technology, making it simple to attach but difficult to remove.

The black circle camera cover was especially designed to go with the night photography capability and preserve the raw beauty of all photos and videos. 3 Pack 9H Camera Lens Cover Glass with a 9-level hardness rating may successfully protect the entire camera lens from drops, scratches, and other mishaps. 99.99% of light transmittance is maintained and kept clean thanks to the anti-fingerprint coating.

06. Best Rugged Cases: Poetic Revolution Case for iPhone 14 Plus

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 7

Key Features: Poetic Revolution Case for iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 inch, [20FT Mil-Grade Drop Tested], Full-Body Rugged Shockproof Protective Cover with Kickstand and Built-in-Screen Protector, Black

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4.8 out of 5 Rating

The iPhone 14 Plus Case—a Military Grade Drop Tested Case—protects your iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 from all sides. impact-resistant, shockproof, drop-proof, and scratch-proof. The hard front frame of the case for the iPhone 14 Plus has extra raised lips and corners that offer superior screen protection from drops. Pull out the kickstand on the iPhone 14 Plus case for hands-free viewing in either portrait or landscape mode.

Case with Screen Protector: A front polycarbonate case with a built-in screen protector gives an extra layer of defense without compromising screen reactivity. For those who want to use their own tempered glass instead of the built-in screen protectors, Poetic has included an extra front frame with the iPhone 14 Plus Full Body Case.

07. Best Outdoor case: CaseBorne V for iPhone 14 Plus Case

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 8

Key Features: CaseBorne V Compatible with iPhone 14 Plus Case [Not Pro] – Military Grade Full-Body Rugged with Kickstand and Built-in Screen Protector

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

Compatible with iPhones 14 plus; the Pro model is not supported. Double-check your phone’s model before making a purchase. Construction is 5-layer, full-body wrapped. withstands four drop tests, has protective raised lips and reinforced corners, as well as an integrated kickstand for the screen and camera. On a quest to give you permission to misuse your phone. This is a complete toughness package with prompt service from Frisco, Texas.

08. Best for Protection: Poetic for iPhone 14 Plus Case

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 9

Key Features: Poetic Compatible with iPhone 14 Plus Case, Spartan Phone Case for iPhone 14 Plus, Full Body Rugged Leather Texture Shockproof Protective Cover with Screen Protector and Kickstand, Metallic Gun Metal

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

Poetic Compatible with iPhone 14 Plus Case, high-end leather texture demonstrates your sophisticated taste, and the distinctive design makes your phone stand out while properly protecting your iPhone 14 Plus (including the camera and screen). Poetic iPhone 14 Plus case with stand enables hands-free use while remaining stable in a range of living and work situations.

Easily accessible folding kickstand that performs smoothly. Front polycarbonate casing with a built-in screen protector adds a layer of protection without affecting screen responsiveness. Poetic iPhone14 Plus case with screen protector is easy to install and remove

09. Meifigno Natural Mag Series

The 9 Best Cases for iPhone 14 Plus 10

Key Features: Meifigno Natural Mag Series Designed for iPhone 14 Plus, [Military Grade Protection & Compatible with MagSafe], Hard PC Back with Soft Edges, Clear Magnetic Case for iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 Inch, Clear

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4.8 out of 5 Rating

With a magical attach and detach experience and the ability to sustain 15W high-speed charging, perfectly aligned magnets enable wireless charging quicker and simpler than before. In addition to providing high-quality protection for your phone, we also provide you with the original charging speed experience.

HD design allows this clear case to showcase your phone’s original look without reservation and avoids annoying “bubbles or smudges”. German BAYER PC material will never turn yellow. Even in half a year, your case looks the same as the new one.

This case has 38 built-in magnets, which make all MagSafe accessories and Qi wireless chargers compatible with it. Additionally, it works with Qi-certified wireless chargers from other manufacturers. The original Apple Mag case’s magnetism is 10 times weaker than this one. Simply place your phone on the charger while it is in its case to begin charging.


The iPhone 14 plus Cases: Each individual is different, much like each phone case. Even though mobile phones have been around for a while, we didn’t suddenly sit up and pay attention to phone case companies until the release of Apple’s iPhone back in 2007. The top phone cover brands emerged over time once touch screens were widely available. These leading technology businesses keep improving their case studies depending on your wants and desires. Now, expecting your phone cover to be completely biodegradable or to withstand an unplanned tumble from a three-story building is not ridiculous. All of the top phone case brands may be found right here, no matter what kind of mobile case you’re looking for.

Why you need a case on iPhone 14?

Your iPhone is significantly more protected if it falls if you use a case and screen protector. Because of this, it’s far less likely that you will need to pay for an expensive repair or screen replacement. The case or screen protector will often only need to be replaced if they become damaged.

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