The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon

The top cases for the iPhone 14 are available on Amazon.

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 1
Simtect Ultra Clear Designed for iPhone 14 Case

Every time you put a cover on your iPhone, it is a good idea to keep it protected from scratches and accidental falls. On the one hand, you are aware that it is prudent to safeguard your investment, but on the other, why would you want to hide the elegant design of the product you just spent so much money on? In this approach, your iPhone is protected while maintaining its sleek appearance, giving you the best of both worlds. The idea is so enticing to us that we decided to make a list of our top picks. The best iPhone 14 clear covers and cases are listed here.

01. Best Overall: Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 2

Key Features: Spigen Ultra Hybrid [Anti-Yellowing Technology] Designed for iPhone 14 Case (2022) – Crystal Clear

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

Spigen Ultra Hybrid: hybrid technology with a sturdy PC back and a TPU bumper. Transparency that is very transparent displays the unique phone design. Screens and cameras are raised off of flat surfaces by raised bezels. Large holes accommodate most wires, while pronounced buttons are simple to feel and press. The iPhone 14 case is compatible with the iPhone 14.

02. Best Runner Up: CASEKOO Crystal Clear

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 3

Key Features: CASEKOO Crystal Clear for iPhone 14 Case [Not Yellowing] [Military Grade Drop Protection] Shockproof Protective Phone Case 6.1 inch

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4.6 out of 5 Rating

Crystal Clear & Never Yellow: Using premium Bayer’s ultra-clear TPU and PC materials, you may view the iPhone 14’s or 13’s original sublime beauty, and it won’t become greasy when in use. Thanks to the diamond anti-oxidation coating, which is 99.9% successful in preventing yellowing, the object is not yellowing. Military-grade Protection: Flex-impact Cushion Tech is included as standard to help with shock absorption. To produce robust protection, the backplane is constructed of hard polycarbonate with flexible shockproof TPU bumpers around the edge.

Raised Bezel Protection for Screen and Camera: Raised bezels guard against scratches and drops for the screen and camera. Ample and thorough protection is offered by the small design’s 2.5 mm lips over the camera, 1.5 mm bezels over the screen, and 0.5 mm raised corner lips on the rear. Fit Snugly and Slim Design: A crystal clear case fits snugly around your phone to prevent scratches and the entry of dust. It works well with the majority of screen covers available. Your phone may easily fit in your pocket because it is 0.04 inches thick.

03. Best 2nd Runner Up: Mkeke for iPhone 14

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 4

Key Features: Mkeke for iPhone 14 Case for iPhone 13 Case Clear, Transparent Shockproof Bumpers Phone Cases for iPhone 13/14

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

The 2022 iPhone 14 has a compact shell that is easy to slip in and out of pockets. Protection for the camera: The raised 3.5mm lens protection lips on the back offer additional security, successfully preventing the camera’s lenses and screen from breaking and scratching. Hollow bumper protection: The centre of the four corners has a special hollow design, increasing the bumper’s thickness to 3.1 mm, which can absorb pressure and guard against abrupt drops of your phone.

A precise charging cutout allows for easy access to all buttons, speakers, and the charging slot without adding bulk. Both sides of the buttons have been hollowed out. Transparent and non-yellowing cover: The Crystal Clear case for the iPhone 14 is made of high-definition tpu and PC material, which efficiently resists perspiration and stains. It also makes the phone’s natural color pop in every way.

04. Best 3rd Runner Up: Migeec Compatible with iPhone 14

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 5

Key Features: Migeec Compatible with iPhone 14 Clear Case Shockproof Phone Cover Protective Phone Case for iPhone 14, 6.1 inch

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4.8 out of 5 Rating

Intended for the iPhone 14: It is more scratch- and drop-resistant than other typical transparent cases thanks to the use of the most recent material. keeps the phone’s original color and design, perfectly showcasing its charm. The back of the PC is covered in an anti-yellowing coating, so the back will not become yellow after a long time. The soft frame is also specifically treated to prevent deformation even after repeated installation or disassembly.

In order to make your case more beautiful, elegant, robust, and sensitive, the volume and power keys of the case go through a specific process that results in silver keys that seem like mirrors. Snug Fit: A perfect fit for the majority of screen protectors on the market. They offer the best after-sales service for Migeec products, and if there is a problem or dissatisfaction, they will gladly replace or refund the product. The Crystal Clear Case wraps smoothly around your phone to prevent dust from penetrating and damaging the body of your phone.

05. Editor’s Pick: Huness for iPhone 14

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 6

Key Features: Huness Designed for iPhone 14, with 3 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Non-Yellowing ] [Military Drop Protection] Shockproof Slim Fit 6.1 Inch, Clear

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4.6 out of 5 Rating

Outstanding materials and craftsmanship Ultra-clear, anti-yellowing: Made of high-definition tpu and PC material, which effectively resists stains and perspiration and does not easily become greasy or yellow over time, it precisely displays the original color of your phone. Your phone may be protected from unintentional accidents, bumps, and scratches.

Military Grade Protection certification drop test, 4 built-in corner airbags to absorb impact, a 1.3 mm raised screen frame, and a 3.1 mm raised frame surrounding the camera. Precise Cuts: Easy access to all ports, buttons, and functionalities thanks to precision cutouts. It is practical to wirelessly charge without taking off the case, preventing harm from dust and scratches.

06. Best Recommended: TENOC Clear Case

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 7

Key Features: TENOC Phone Case Compatible for iPhone 14 Clear Case Shockproof Protective Bumper Slim Cover for 6.1 Inch

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4.6 out of 5 Rating

TENOC Phone Case compatible with the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 case (available in 2022). has wireless charging support. Absorb pressure and safeguard your phone from abrupt drops with this crystal-soft TPU case. Raised bezels provide additional screen and camera protection. Transparent materials preserve the phone’s natural color and appearance when shown. With a slim and practical design. Non-slip, easy to assemble and disassemble. A precise cuts for the buttons, power port, audio port, speakers, and cameras Only one crystal case is included in the package. The inclusion of a smartphone and other attachments is noted.

07. Best for Budget: TAURI case for iPhone 14

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 8

Key Features: TAURI [5 in 1] for iPhone 14 Case Clear, [Not Yellowing] with 2 Tempered Glass Screen Protector + 2 Camera Lens Protector [Military Grade Drop Protection] Shockproof Slim iPhone 14 Cover 6.1 Inch

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

The TAURI iPhone 14 Case is a protective case made for the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 (only). All controls, speakers, and the charging slot are all easily accessible thanks to precise cuts that prevent extra bulk. has an orange alignment installation border that aids in situating the screen protector during installation. The iPhone 14’s screen is protected by Full Protection 2 Pcs High Quality 9H Tempered Glass, which prevents scratches and breaks while providing an ultra-thin, cozy, and sensitive touch. Give two (2) camera lens protectors that are effective at protecting the camera while maintaining the image quality.

Military-grade Protection: The TAURI iPhone 14 Case Clear has 4 built-in corner airbags to absorb impact and has passed a drop test certification, protecting your iPhone 14 from accidental drops, bumps, and scratches. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns before or after your purchase. A member of our knowledgeable customer care team will respond to you within 24 hours. Utilizing premium Germany-made Bayer ultra-clear TPU materials. The Nano antioxidant layer flawlessly displays the original color of your phone and successfully resists stains, perspiration, and oxidation over time.

08. Speck Clear Case iPhone 14

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 9

Key Features: Speck Products Gemshell Case fits iPhone 14 & 13, 6.1″ Model, Clear/Clear

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

Built to endure significant drops, every gemshell now has additional protection and can resist falls of up to eight feet as a result. transparent materials that display your phone. In the sunshine, some instances become yellow. not our own. The polycarbonate is designed to block UV rays while remaining transparent to highlight the beauty of your phone. With MagSafe and Qi, a slim design makes wireless charging simple.

While the case is on your phone, you can easily charge it wirelessly using MagSafe and Qi thanks to GemShell’s small yet robust design. Proven Microbiological Defense, The antimicrobial product protection offered by Speck, which is the only company with Microban, reduces bacterial growth on the case by 99%, leaving a cleaner surface.

09. With Screen Protector: FLEXGEAR Case for iPhone 14

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 10

Key Features: FLEXGEAR [Full Protection] Case for iPhone 14 and 2X Glass Screen Protectors – Crystal Clear

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4.7 out of 5 Rating

You may appreciate the iPhone 14’s natural beauty while keeping it safe from drops thanks to the [Perfect Fit and Military Grade Protection]. Transparent HD thin case with TPU bumper and crystal clear hard back cover with Anti-Yellowing Technology. compatible with MagSafe and wireless chargers. A phone cover, two tempered glass screen protectors, and an alignment tool (black frame) for flawless screen protector installation are all included in the “full protection package.”

Your screen is protected against breaking, scratches, and bumps with the easily installed Aura Shield tempered glass screen protector. You will feel a smooth touch thanks to the hydrophobic coating’s anti-fingerprint properties. With the provided alignment, too, install like a pro. Raised camera and screen bezels shield the devices from dents and scratches.

Your beautiful camera is protected from drops, scratches, and other mishaps thanks to the smart design of the lips that cover it. Bezels over the display offer additional and thorough protection for the vibrant iPhone screen.

10. Simtect Ultra Clear for iPhone 14 Case

The Best Clear Cases for iPhone 14 Available on Amazon 11

Key Features: Simtect Ultra Clear Designed for iPhone 14, [Not Yellowing] [Military Drop Protection] Slim Fit Yet Protective Shockproof Phone Case 6.1 Inch- Crystal Clear

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4.6 out of 5 Rating

This case was designed specifically for the iPhone 14 and is made of high-quality materials that have received ROHS and SGS safety certifications. The Simtect iPhone 14 cover is crystal clearer than others, totally revealing the original color thanks to exclusive micro-dot laser crafting and 2% Blu-ray molecular injection. Let’s adore the iPhone’s breathtaking elegance.

This iPhone 14 clear case can effectively block 99.9% of ultraviolet rays, stains, fingerprints, and sweat thanks to its finish, which also includes an AF anti-fingerprint electroplate coating, an anti-oxidation coating, and a nano-oleophobic layer. This finish also ensures that the case will not turn yellow over time. You may avoid paying excessive costs by replacing transparent cases more frequently.

Raised bezels shield the camera and screen from scuffs and scratches. The cleverly designed 1.2 mm raised screen bezel and 2.5 mm raised camera bezels strive to provide additional and thorough protection. Furthermore, the backboard is comprised of robust, scratch-resistant polycarbonate. Slide that iPhone 14 over your desk, bar, or table without worrying about scratches.

Accuracy is key for Simtect which is why we take extra care in lining up cutouts for all your iPhone 14 buttons, mics and speakers, and charging ports. 0.04 inch Ultra slim design lets your phone slide in and out of your pocket easily, also making the case support wireless chargers. Moreover, its ergonomic curved sides provide ultimate and comfort grip in your hands.


Clear Cases: provides a secure non-slip grip designed for texting, gaming and selfies. Upgraded ultra-clean backplane, adding exclusive AF Anti-fingerprint coating can effectively reduce fingerprint residues and enjoy long-term cleanliness. Durable Protection: Like a rugged cases, Clear Cases is also offer a good protection for your phone. It also resist deformation even after repeated installation or dismantling, and the back of the PC is wrapped with an anti-yellowing coating, so the back will not turn yellow after a long time. Slim Design & Comfort Grip: minimal bulkiness for max protection designed for iPhone 14 6.1 Inch to fit in pockets easily, perfect for one-handed operation. Processed TPU frame provide with delicate touch feeling and non-slip.

Does the iPhone 14 require a case?

Although a case doesn’t guarantee protection, it increases the likelihood that your iPhone will be unharmed. These chances rise when a screen protector is used.

Is the iPhone scratch-resistant?

The iPhone 14 passed JerryRigEverything’s yearly scratch test using the Mohs mineral hardness scale, and the results were as predicted. Inconspicuous scratches were seen at a level 6 hardness, and Apple is still utilizing the same ceramic shield that was utilized in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

Is the iPhone 14 water-resistant?

Your new phone is welcome at the pool. The days when dropping your phone into water would instantly kill it are long gone. In the event that you drop your phone in the water, you may jump in and retrieve it since the new iPhone 14 can resist up to 30 minutes of submersion at a depth of around 19 feet.

Which is preferable, silicone or transparent cases?

Since silicon cases do not change color over time, they are preferable to transparent cases, which may over time turn a yellowish color. How can I uniformly apply silicone sealant?

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