Amazing First Test Flight Footage of a Futuristic Modern Flying Car

Bellwether Industries was launched in January 2019 in London as a human-centric UAM firm. Its objective is to create the most suitable Urban Air Mobility (UAM) option for intracity travel that is both safe and efficient.

Bellwether Industries, located in London, has released footage of a half-scale prototype of its “Volar” eVTOL private flying car’s maiden untethered flight. The business believes that during the next decade, this type of travel and mobility will be commonplace.

Test Flight Footage of Its Prototype Flying Car

The antelope is the name given to the model. The company has completed eight prototype flight tests and plans to release its eVTOL aircraft as a civilian vehicle in 2028. The Volar aircraft will set the standard for long-distance private flying vehicle transport within cities. The final design will be roughly 10.5 feet (3.2 meters) wide, with seating for up to five people.

Bellwether's Vision_Flying Car

Within the next ten years, experts predict that individuals will be commuting by plane. As a result, they build a volar that anyone can use to travel anywhere and at any time.Bellwether Industries’ ultimate objective is to create a fresh new 3-Dimensional lifestyle and lead the globe toward more complete urban mobility.

The ultimate “Volar” model will cruise at speeds of up to 135 mph (217 km/h) at altitudes of around 3,000 feet. Meanwhile, the battery life is projected to be around 90 minutes. Bellwether’s prototype still needs a lot of development, and flying taxi businesses like Volocopter still need to work on acquiring flight certification before they can be ready for their anticipated 2023 debut date.

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