10 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring

What is Vinyl Flooring and How Does It Work?

Luxury vinyl flooring is made completely of polyvinyl chloride plastic, a synthetic material (PVC). PVC is heated and pressed into thin layers, which are then glued together to create vinyl tiles or planks. Every sheet of vinyl has a textured surface layer that mimics the texture of natural wood grains and minerals, as well as a photorealistic visual layer that depicts hardwood, stone, or ceramic appearances. Vinyl is a flexible and durable, cost-effective material that can withstand wetness and heavy foot activity. Luxury vinyl is frequently confused with other resilient flooring surfaces such as linoleum and laminate. Whereas these products have certain similarities, there are fundamental distinctions in their manufacture that distinguish them.

Here are the best Vinyl Plank flooring

01. Achim Home Furnishings 

10 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring 1

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Key Features and Details

Achim Home Furnishings Achig VFP1.2GO10 Nexus 1.2Mm Vinyl Floor Planks, 6 Inches x 36 Inches, Light Grey Oak

Achim Home Furnishings wood-look vinyl is easy to install, just peel and stick to a flat and dry surface. In no time your room will be magically transformed. Can be used in any room in your home such as Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Foyers and Basements.

02. Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles by Lucida USA

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Key Features and Details

Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles by Lucida USA | Interlocking Flooring for DIY Installation | 8 Stone-Look Planks | TerraCore | 16 Sq. Feet

This Vinyl tiles brings interlocking flooring up a notch with TerraCore floor tiles, strong at the core, stylish at the surface with rigid core performance.

SMOOTH TEXTURE Achieve the look and feel of authentic stone flooring with Lucida’s DIY adhesive planks. Micro-bevel edges and HD film prints create the look of real marble floors.

WATERPROOF & EASY CLEAN Super easy to clean, tiles are 100% waterproof and mildew resistant with an IXPE integrated sound reduction underlayment that does not absorb water.
SCRATCH & ABRASION RESISTANT CoreBond glue binds our multi-layer system for long-lasting wear without the tear! Virgin premium core is topped with 22 mil wear layer, coated with 4X UV, and finished with urethane and ceramic bead for commercial-grade strength.
EASY TO INSTALL Planks interlock on all 4 sides and can be applied to practically any surface – home improvement made simple! Each tile measures 7 mm thick / 12” width x 24” length / 8 tiles per box / 16 square feet. 25 year warranty.

03. CO-Z Odorless Vinyl Floor Planks


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Key Features and Details

CO-Z Odorless Vinyl Floor Planks Adhesive Floor Tiles 2.0mm Thick, Environmental-Friendly, Grey.

PREMIUM MATERIALS, made of vinyl, our floor planks are waterproof, fire-resistant, damp-proof, wear-resistant and mold-resistant, ideal for living room, laundry room, kitchen, powder room etc.
SGS APPROVED GLUED FOR SAFETY, odorless but heavy-duty glue allow these planks can be repeatedly installed and uninstalled within 3 minutes of initial installation while providing safety for you and your loved ones.
CLASSICAL WOOD FLOOR PATTERN, comes in a modern and sophisticated grey with impressive dirt-resistant performance, showcasing your exceptional taste.
16 PCS PER PACKAGE, each package contains sixteen 6” x 36” tiles and can cover 24 square foot in total, covering a larger area compared to competition
SAFETY PRECAUTIONS FOR INSTALLATION, please make sure your subfloor is in good condition, dean, smooth, level, dry and free from rising damp, all waste and traces of paint removed, without cracks, degreased, completely dust-free and normally porous.

04. SELKIRK Vinyl Plank Flooring-Waterproof


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Key Features and Details

SELKIRK Vinyl Plank Flooring-Waterproof Click Lock Wood Grain-5.5mm SPC Rigid Core (48-1/32” X 7-7/32”) Larkyn SK559 (28.84sqft)/Box

100% waterproof wet-mopping and common household spills won’t damage the floor. Enhanced wear layer protects against scratches, scuffs, and stains
Easiest to install. Little or no subfloor prep, no acclimation time, and can be installed over existing hard surfaces such as concrete, old ceramic tile, wood or non-cushioned vinyl flooring. Limited lifetime-15-year residential and 5-year light-commercial warranty.

Packaging Dimensions (inches): Height: 2.95 Length: 48.6 Width: 7.8 Weight Of Case:54lbs

05. Nance Industries Versaplank

10 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring 3

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Key Features and Details

Nance Industries Versaplank Peel and Stick Stain Proof Vinyl Plank Flooring, 6″x48″x2.5mm, Assorted Colors, 10 Planks.

These luxury vinyl planks can withstand heavy foot traffic areas, are easy to clean, and will last a lifetime. These planks are great for high moisture areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Prior to installation, make sure your surface is level and clean from ALL dust/debris. Backed with commercial grade peel & stick adhesive, Versa plank makes covering your floors easy.

With the different unique patterns and colors found in each box you will be able to transform your boring old floors into a more modern aesthetic look. Each box covers 20 sq. ft. and features a unique assortment that can be mixed and matched however you like. No more messy spray adhesive or waiting to install your floors. Each box contains an assortment of 10 durable luxury vinyl planks that are stain, fade, and water resistant. No special tools are required for install.

06. M S International Luxury Vinyl Planks


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Key Features and Details

M S International AMZ-LVT-0045 6 inch x 48 inch Luxury Vinyl Planks LVT Tile Click Floating Floor Waterproof Rigid Core Wood Grain Finish Glenridge, CASE, Tawny Birch Brown, 36 Square Feet.

FOR USE INDOORS Ideal for home, office and in temperature-controlled environments only. Can be used in any room in your home such as kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and basements

EASY CLEAN & 100% WATERPROOF Super easy to clean, tiles are 100% waterproof and mildew resistant with an IXPE integrated sound reduction underlayment that does not absorb water..

WOOD-GRAIN TEXTURE Has the look and feel of natural wood grain, color finish offers the authentic look of real wood plank flooring
DURABLE: 2MM-12MIL Strong at the core, stylish at the surface with rigid core performance. Plank size: 7 inch x 48 inch

EASY TO INSTALL Planks interlock on all 4 sides and can be installed over most existing surfaces including tile, wood, concrete and vinyl – DIY Floating floor home improvement made simple. Appropriate grade for installation: Above grade, On grade, or Below grade.

07. Diflart Vinyl Plank Flooring

10 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring 4

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Key Features and Details

Diflart 23.6 sq.ft Provo Oak Vinyl Plank Flooring Click Locking 48×7 Inch Lvt Flooring Waterproof Foam Back Rigid SPC Core Wood Grain Finish.

Made from High Quality pre-attached underlayment minimizes sound, is shock-absorbing, and enhances warmth and comfort under foot. Antiskid and Scratch Resistant not afraid of pet scratch, with a rigid core, durable wear layer make vinyl locking plank flooring last for years. In high traffic rooms such as your living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, guest room, or entryway and hallway for eye-catching appeal, Can be installed over Concrete, Tile, Vinyl, or Wood.

08. Dotfloor Empire Vinyl Planks Flooring Tiles

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Key Features and Details

Dotfloor Empire Vinyl Planks Flooring Tiles 28.68 sq.ft Wood Grain with 1.5mm Padding 5.5mm for Home Office Bathroom Maple White.

Waterproof Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) core. With wire-brushed texturing and micro bevel, Interlocking or Glue. Pre-attached 1.5mm foam under pad that offers sound/noise reduction and added comfort when walking on the floor. Anti Stain and Pets.

09. VEELIKE Tile Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Key Features and Details

VEELIKE 12 Pcs 11.8″x11.8″ Peel and Stick Vinyl Floor Tile Marble Floor Tile Vinyl Plank Flooring Backsplash Wall Tile for Kitchen Waterproof Self-Adhesive Bathroom Tiles Wall Sticker Decals.

VEELIKE marble peel and stick floor tile is made of high quality vinyl which is eco-friendly. 11.8″ length by 11.8″ width, the thickness is 1.43 mm, the total area is 0.97 square feet. Anti-friction, waterproof, non-slip, dust-proof, dirty-proof, strong adhesion. Be wiped repeatedly without fading, cracking and edge tilting. Compared with the traditional tile, the marble vinyl flooring tiles is lighter and more convenient. Easy to clean. Decorate and renovate your old furniture, make your home looks upscale and new. Marble texture is classic. Texture is clearly visible, lifelike, just like a real marble. Easy to Install. VEELIKE marble vinyl flooring tile is self-adhesive, you just need to peel and stick. No need an additional adhesive. Cut and shape easily. No glue residue and safe. VEELIKE peel and stick vinyl tile is suitable for playroom, living room, office, basement, student dormitory, dressing room, balcony, kids room, kitchen backsplash, home wall décor, hotel, bathroom backsplash. Great to line your cupboards, drawers, cabinet and shelf. Tremendously improve the look of your bathroom and bedroom.

10. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

10 Best Vinyl Plank Flooring 7

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Key Features and Details

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 100% Waterproof w/EVA underpad: $4.11/sqft – Natual Oak- 4 cartons(94.56 sqft).

Superior wear and scratch protection with a 0.7 mm (28 mil) wear layer and UV coating. Residential Lifetime Warranty PLUS One transfer; Commercial 20 year Warranty. Acoustic underlayment attached: 2mm grey eco-friendly EVA based foam material; feels like rubber, bounces back like memory foam. Quiet and comfortable with sound and thermal insulation. High density top vinyl layer provides your heavy furniture and rolling chairs with strong support.

Consider these factors when choosing vinyl plank flooring.

Plank Dimensions & Sizes. Vinyl planks are available in widths ranging from 4 to 12 inches, with the majority falling between 6 and 9 inches. If the space you’re installing the flooring in is huge, you may choose a larger plank for a more appealing look—plus you’ll need fewer planks to do the job. If the room is small, though, you should use a slimmer board to make it appear larger.

There are numerous crucial aspects to consider when installing vinyl plank flooring, depending on which brand you select and where it will be set up:

Resistance to Scratches and Stains. Make sure you choose a material that can endure both human and pet foot traffic to keep your vinyl plank flooring looking great for years. Many types of VPF claim to have a durable exterior layer and to have chosen planks that can tolerate scratches and other damage.

Level of Thickness. Thicker vinyl plank flooring adds warmth in the same way that a plusher carpet does. VPF thickness is measured in mils, which is the degree of thickness rather than millimeters. The higher the mils, the more resistant the vinyl planks are to stress and scratches. 12 mil is a common household flooring choice, while 20 mil is recommended if you have pets or heavy foot traffic. 28 mil is frequently utilized in practical production for further robustness and strength.

Tips for Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring:

The installation of vinyl plank flooring is relatively simple. Glue and nails are not required because they are called floating floors. Plus, the weight of your body will keep them in place. Vinyl plank flooring may usually be installed in a day or two. Simply gather a few basic tools, clean your subfloors, organize your layout, and space your planks precisely.

Installation is simple. Vinyl flooring is often less difficult to install than other types of flooring. For example, a floating vinyl sheet does not require adhesive or staples. Peel and stick vinyl, on the other hand, may be simply attached to a prepared floor. Vinyl flooring could be laid on top of concrete, hardwood, or plywood. Then it can be laid over the existing vinyl. However, if there are two or several pieces, it is not suggested.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Types

Waterproof. This flooring has many of the same features as both luxury and rigid-core flooring, but it is also entirely waterproof. It’s the best choice for kitchens, baths, enclosed spaces, and other areas of the house where spills and splashes happen frequently.

Luxury vinyl planks. With a realistic wood look and an outstanding structure, this type of flooring lives up to its name. It has four layers, including a waterproof core and a damage-resistant top layer. The numerous layers result in a surface that is not only attractive but also pleasant to walk on.

Rigid Core. Thanks to a sturdy composite corner, this style is built to stay. This option is ideal for high-traffic areas such as corridors, passageways, and open-concept homes because of its toughness.

Vinyl planks is an excellent choice for the following applications:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms & Toilets
  • Basements & Attics
  • Rooms for Families
  • Rooms for Laundry

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