Car Charger USB: The best USB Car Charger brands 2020

USB Car Charger 2020: The best Car Charger brands in the market

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First thing is must be Quick Charge, the USB CAR CHARGER must have the latest technology which also know as QUALCOMM TECH which are used in devices like mobile phones. Qualcomm offers more power that can charge the battery devices in fast charging time than normal standard USB rates.

Secondly, the USB Car Charger must be constructed with durability that can withstand Over Charging, Over Heating, Over Voltage and High temperature. In short it must have acquire the multiple safety measures.

So we give you some of the latest Brands that stand up to help you choose the best Car Charger. So you can Charge your mobile phones while you are on your Car.

1.) HUSSELL – Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Dual USB

Car charger

Hussell is dual USB quick charge, powered by Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 dual USB 30W, compatible with iPhone and Android mobile devices. It is Universal compatible that can charge iPhone, Tablets, iPad, Android smartphones and other devices. With built-in Smart IC adaptive microchip to charge the device at a maximum speed. It uses Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 that charge faster than any other car chrager brands, with DUAL USB 2.4A PORTS, charges two devices at the same time faster than any car charger. It is very safe, with no over current, no over charging, no over heating, using the intelligent adaptive microchip Qualcomm quick charge 3.0. Can charge a 3000mAh in 50% in just 15 minutes simultaneously charge 2 device at a maximum speed. Absolutely safe tested and guaranteed safe with multi protection system, pdated version for 2019. Hussell is one of the best Car charger USB 2019.

Specs and Features

Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 • Dual USB ports • Universal Compatible • DC 12-24 voltage • 30W power • blue light indicator • fireproof • safe and tested • 2019 updated version • – BUY NOW ON AMAZON

2.) AINOPE – Aluminum Alloy Car charger Dual USB Ports

Ainope car charger

Ainope dual USB Ports 4.8A fast car charging suitable for all cars, trucks with 12V up to 24V easy to pull in and out of the car’s socket. Power up two devices at full speed with combined output of 4.8A. Provides multiple protection for your car and your devices, it has protection against over current, over charging, over heating, perfectly safeguard your devices. It has elegant ring LED light so you can find it easily inside your car. It perfectly fits with most car cigarette lighter socket, compact size very portable you can take it anywhere.

Specs and Features

AINOPE Model B0795DJXNH • Available in Jan. 2018 • color black • weigh 27.2 grams • All metal material • compact size • Dual USB ports • multi protection • ring LED light • suitable for all cars • BUY AINOPE CAR CHARGER ON AMAZON


Maxboost car charger

Car charger Dual USB ports made by MAXBOOST. Compact size with the size just bigger than the size of your thumb. Take on the go that fits anywhere inside of your car. Universal compatibility that power up two separate devices simultaneously. Maxboost is durable built to be tough with ultra protective rounded frame protects against drops and scratches. Very much compatible with most mobile phones and devices. Perfect for somebody that are often times travel a lot for work and for those who uses their phones with internet on and running, that one is draining your phones battery so fast, so you really need this Maxboost car charger to charge your phones.

Specs and Features

Model: Maxboost • Dual USB ports 4.8A • 24W black portable charger • compact size • compact size • universal compatibility • plentybof features • Dual 2.4A high speed • internal LED • maximum durability • rounded frame • anti-scratch • drop proof • Available on AMAZON

4. ANKER – Car charger 24W dual USB

Anker car charger 2019

Anker is high speed charging uses Anker’s exclusive charging technology to charge faster than other brands. Compact and small with only 1.1 inches width and 2.5 inches height. Compatible to most gadgets and devices, like tablest, mobile phones and ipads. Built-in safety with multiprotect technology to avoid overcharging, over heating and over current. With glowing light to easy sees on dark. Anker is one of the leading America’s USB charging brand. Built using a premium materials and the most advanced charging technology. Uses 24W 2-port USB twin car charger that fast charge your phones and ipad.

Specs and Features

America’s leading USB charging brand • 24W 2 ports USB • Fast charging • powerIQ • super compact • safety standards • multiprotect • compact design • universal compatibility • superior safety • multiprotect • glowing LED lights • Available from AMAZON

5. RAVPOWER – USB Car Charger

Ravpower car charger

RavPower uses iSmart Technology thay automatically detects and delivers an optimal charging current for a connected devices. iSmart adjust the output up to 2.4A to give a safer mobile charging, with LED indicator that shows device charging status. RavPower provides faster and smarter using the iSmart 2.0 technology. Made from high quality durable Aluminum charger, scratch resistant, anti rust metal cobstruction for a longer of usage. Compatible for iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Note, and most mobile devices. Ideal for almost vehicle just connect to the cigarrete lighter port and power two devices at once. It adjust automatically from the voltage that it reveived from the vehicle so the device is safe and charge at the constant rate.

Specs and Features

iSmart technology • dual ports • portable and durable • aluminum alloy coated built • quick charge • scratch resistant • anti-rust • two 2.4A ports • fast charging • ultra slim and small • Available on AMAZON


Car charger

RavPower four(4) ports Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 with built-in latest iSmart RavPower technology which is compatible to most smartphones and devices. It is very durable made from aluminum alloy provides scratch resistant and rust proof. With LED power indicator light to give extra visibility on a dark. Safe and convenient prevents from over heating, overcharging, and short circuit.

Specs and Features

Quick charge • 4 ports 3.0 iSmart tech • charge faster and smarter • scratch resistant • aluminum alloy coated • LED power indicator • multi-safety protection • qualcomm quick charge • Available on AMAZON


Zoyol fast car usb charger

Zoyol charge 4 times faster than any usual charger brands. Using the latest Qualcomm technology quick charge 3.0. Input 12 up to 32V and output of three USB ports, 5V, 9V and 12V. It is incredibly durable that made from soft flexible PVC. Compatible to lost smartphones devices, like iPhone, Samsung, LG and other gadgets and devices. LOYOL provides superior safety that keeps your devices in safe and protects it against over heating, over charging and shirr circuit. It stop automatically when the battery is full. With LED light indicator to easy to find at night.

Specs and Features

Fast USB Car charger • 42W port quick charge• universal compatibility • triple ports • Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 • 4 times faster • 3-port USB rapid charger • ultra durable • LED light indicator • Available from AMAZON

8. JOOMFEEN – Qualcomm QUICK charge

Quick usb car charger

Joomfeen Qualcomm quick charge with rapid dual USB port. It has powerful DUAL USB ports using the quick qualcomm charging technology. Uses multi protect to safeguard your car and the devices from over heating, over charging, high temperature protection, perevent electromagnetic interference and short circuit. With soft LED light to easily locate the ports in the dark.

Specs and features

Quick charge 3.0 • Dual USB ports • 2 .4A charging port • 3.0A charhing port • safety charger • multiple protection • qualcomm chip inside • universal compatible • safe charging • compact design • LED indicator • input 12-24V max 2.5A • ouput DC 5V, 2.4A • Available on AMAZON

9. RAVPOWER Quick Charge with 4 USB Ports

4 ports usb car charger

Features and Specs

Available from AMAZON

4 ports USB •

10. VOGEK Car Charger 50W 4 ports Smart ID

Vogek car charger

Vogek car charger uses 4 DUAL USB ports to charge compatibly to most smartphones. It features Smart Identification that able to detects devices to deliver faster charging speed up to 2.4 amps per port or 9 amps overall. It can charge 4 devices or 4 tablets simultaneously at full speed. Offers an advanced multiple protection for you and your devices, the Smart ID detects the device. Protects from over charging, over heating, over voltage and temperature control. Provides wide compatibility such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, SonyExperia, LG, Nexus, Motorola and most smartphones and devices.

Specs and Features

Sleek Design • Smart Identification • wide compatible • multi protection • no over heating • no over charging • no short circuit • charge 4 devices • 4 USB ports • detects devices • quality construction • Available from AMAZON

11. ZEEHOO Car USB Charger

Zeehoo car charger

It offers DUAL USB car charger ports, Sleek and provides ultra compact. It features Dual device charging PD and QC 3.0, USB C power delivers fast charging to tablets and smartphones up to 18Watts. Quick Charge 3.0 provides a faster charging speed. It offers durable USB C cord provides 3 feet type c cord that passed the 6000 bend test. Safety tevhnology with built-in intelligent protection system to protect the device from over heating, over charging and ensures safety and reliability.

Specs and Features

Fast charging • Dual ports • PD + USB C ports • charge 2 devices simultaneously • 3amps quick charge 3.0 • 4 times faster • wide compatibility • Durable USB cord • 6000 bend lifespan • multi-protect • Available from AMAZON

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