Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020

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United Kingdom or commonly known as British, the name came since 1921. The county is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean with the 12th longest coastline in the world. Has a total land area of 94,000 square miles or 240,000 square kilometers. It has an Estimate Population of 68 Million in 2020, UK GDP per capita is 41,030 and ranked at number 20 in global ranking. UK considered and includes as one of the richest countries in the world.

Here are the Most Subscribed Channel with the most viewed Videos in YouTube. So let us see if who has the most views and have the most Subscribers channel in UK country.

1 – masha and the bear

Masha and the bear

Joined YouTube: September 17, 2014

Current Views: 4.9 Billion views

Subscribers: 11.7 million

Videos Uploaded: 445 videos

Masha and the Bear show the adventures of a little girl Masha and her friends the Bear. Their relationship is a metaphor of how a child interacts with the big world and how an adult aid with difficult tasks. Masha a restless girl that hardly stands due to her endless energy. Her curiosity and creativeness are causes funny adventures. So that is why this channel became the number 1 YouTube channel in United kingdom. Number 1 favorites cartoon shows by kids and also by adults in YouTube. Children’s love the friendship of the Bear and the little girl Masha.

2 – toys and little gaby

Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020 1

Joined YouTube: October 6, 2012

Current Views: 6.3 Billion

Subscribers: 15 Million

Video Uploaded: 298 videos

From the name Gabriella the channel came from. A little girl who love to watch kids toys videos on YouTube. Then they decided to create videos about kids toys. So most of their videos are for kids. Like Kids challenges, playing with kids toys and many more adventures and activities just for kids. Kids channel on YouTube are one of the most viewed and visited channel on YouTube.

3 – nocopyright sounds

Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020 2

Joined YouTube: August 14, 2011

Subscribers: 24 Million

Current Views: 7.2 Billion

Videos Uploaded: 716 videos

The Channel is about copyright free, stream safe record label, that provides free to use for content creators community. They provide and work with artists around the world, representing genre from House to Dubstep Trap, Drums, Bass Electro Pop and more.


UK most Subscribed channel

Joined YouTube: November 22, 2009

Subscribers: 4.47 Million

Current Number of Views: 987 Million

Video Uploaded: 542 videos

GRIAN CHANNEL focuses on gaming specially Minecraft content. He build Minecraft houses, and make Minecraft house tutorials. So those who wants to learn how to build Minecraft house and everything about Minecraft just go and visit his YouTube channel.

5 – wow English TV

Top uk youtubers channel

Joined YouTube: June 24, 2014

Number of Subscribers: 3.97 Million

Number of Views: 3.048 Billion

Number of Videos Uploaded: 361 videos

Wow English TV is a channel from Wattsenglish Ltd and a happy mix of education and entertainment. Children’s and younger will learn English in a playful and natural way. They have video clips songs for Toddlers, Kindergarten and Elementary Songs. And Introduce English for young learners. Steve and Maggie is a perfect channel for children who wants to learn English in a fun and playful ways.

6 – ben and Holly’s little kingdom

UK most Subscribed YouTube channel

Joined YouTube: October 7, 2013

Number of Subscribers: 1.48 Million

Number of videos Uploaded: 334

Number of Views: 961 Million

Ben and Holly’s little Kingdom channel is a home by princess Holly and her best friend Ben. Holly is a young fairy who is learning how to do magic. Came from a tiny land where flowers and grass rise above the tallest towers. This channel comes from the creator of Peppa Pig one of the most popular cartoon show in television.

7 – arpo the robot

Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020 3

Joined YouTube: June 12, 2018

Number of Subscribers: 2.31 million

Number of Views: 659 Million

Number of videos Uploaded: 324 videos

ARPO THE ROBOT Channel is about top secret government projects. The one who finds himself working for the wackies family known to mankind. The channel is to look after the impossible absent minded adults, clean up after the wedding nine-year old boy and survive the Baby Daniel a little trouble magnet.

8 – mumbo jumbo

Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020 4

Joined YouTube: March 30, 2012

Number of Subscribers: 5 Million

Number of Views: 1.415 Billion

Mumbo Jumbo also known as Oli, his videos about popular voxel base game Minecraft. He focuses mainly on the technical elements of the game and teaching tutorials on various elements of redstone. His channel is giving tutorials on how to learn and build Minecraft houses. Mumbo Jumbo is on number 8 Top Youtubers in UK.


Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020 5

Joined YouTube: December 30, 2013

Number of Subscribers: 3.13 Million

Number of Views: 805 Million

Number of videos Uploaded: 1K videos

DAZ GAMES is ranked 9 Top Youtubers in UK the channel is doing commentary on everything in the internet mostly about gaming commentary and reactions. He is like to do walkthroughs and playthroughs commentary of games like Slims, Uncharted 4, GTAV, Minecraft and many more other games. He posted videos five to six times a week.


Top Youtubers and most subscribed channel in United kingdom in 2020 6

Joined YouTube: March 11, 2010

Number of videos Uploaded: 373 videos

Number of Subscribers: 2.68 million

Number of Views: 748 Million

ArcadeG is the tenth top Youtubers in UK. His channel focus on educational and entertainment channel for children and families. In ArcadeG channel children and little ones will learn from colors, counting, geometry, useful play situations and many more. Kids and youngs will definitely love their channel while watching ArcadeG videos.

So Here are my 10 MOST Top Youtubers in UK and most Subscribed Channel and with the Most Views videos in United Kingdom.

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