Best Power Bank for iPhone 2019: Canada best iPhone portable Charger

Here are The 10 best Portable Power Bank for iPhone

See it here all the best portable charger and Power Bank that will charge up your battery life of your Smartphones and devices. We reviewed all the best Power Banks and Portable Chargers to help customers to get the best and durable power banks before you make a purchased.

ANKER POWER BANKS – is one of the best Portable Power Bank Charger. It is a Chinese based company located in Shenzhen China. Anker Power Banks is sold millions of products around the globe for Smartphones and other Electronic Devices battery chargers to bring back power and extend battery life to use for some emergency cases. Most especially if you are in the middle of place that no available plugs to charge your Smartphone devices.

RAVPOWER – an American brand of electronics products that founded in 2011 owned by Sunvalleytek. The company is primarily focusing in producing Battery chargers includes Power Banks and Solar chargers. The company is based in San Jose California. The RAVPOWER power banks is using the iSmart Technology that automatically detect optimal charging current for connected devices and adjust the power needs. In this process it allows faster charging for smartphones and devices.


1 – ANKER Powercore 26800mAh with Dual input port & 3 USB Ports

Colossal power charger by Anker

This Anker powercore 26800mAh is light in weight but colossal in power. Compact with 26800milli ampere of energy power charge. This can power up your phones by 6 days in your outdoor activities.

Other product Features: It has 2 input recharging to double up the time of recharging the power bank and using 3 USB ports charging 3 devices at the same time. Built with very high quality durable materials and sleek slim designs easily fits on your bags, backpacks and on your purse. Equipped with super fast charging technology and with multi-protect security that ensures safety. And one of the best Anker power bank 2019. –  BUY HERE AT AMAZON

2 – ANKER PowerCore II 20100mAh portable charger with dual USB Ports

Anker powercore II power bank 2019

Anker portable power charger wih Dual USB Ports 3.0 it is a ultra huge cahrge capacity that can charge your devices for 7 long days with high speed universal charging experienceand yet still portable and pocket friendly.

Product Features: Anker power bank best features is the Huge 7 days charge capacity it will charge iPhone XR for 4.2 times, charge iPad mini for 2.4 times, Charge Samsung S10 for 4.5 times. It is very portable and pocket friendly with high speed charging plus the dual 2 USB ports. Perfectly portable that fits easily on your purse and backpacks. It is highly durable made from premium materials that will last longer. It is also a universal compatible to most mobile phones and devices.- ORDER HERE ANKER POWER BANK ON AMAZON

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3 – ANKER Power Core 10000mAh one of the smallest power bank

anker 10000mah powercore

This is one of the Lightest and Smallest power bank of Anker 2019 but compact with power to power up your Smartphones.

Product Description: ANKER PowerCore is probably the most popular series made by Anker compact with Faster charging and Portability. 10000mAh PowerCore by Anker ultra compact high speed charging technology. Best for iPhone and Samsung phones. It is very light and compact for only 180g or 6.35ounces. Comes in small size but big in power of 1000mAh that can charge iPhone X 2.4 times, Samsung S9 charge 2.2 times. It ultra high speed charging using the PowerIQ technology voltage boost. It is very safe with 11 safety features that provides ultimate protection. – GET IT NOW ON AMAZON

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4 – ANKER PowerCore II Slim 10000 ultra slim power bank upgraded 2.0

anker ultra slim power bank

It is Fast charger 18w output compatible for iPhone and Samsung mobile phones. And most other mobile phones in the market today.

Product Features: Ultra Slim and Lightweight high capacity can fully charge iPhone 8 by 3.6 times. Ultra high speed charging can fully recharge your smartphones by one and a half hour 1.5h more faster than other brands. It is pocket friendly very slim and fit. This is the new evolution of Anker PowerCore series with more power, more speed, and more ports. This item can charge 3 phones, it is universal and compatible to most mobile phones and devices. Recharge 3 times faster than any other power banks brands using the PowerIQ technology. Includes a superior safety to protect you and your devices. – GET THIS ANKER 1000 II ULTRA SLIM ON AMAZON

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5 – RAVPOWER Portable Charger 22000mAh with 5.8A ouput 3 ports USB

Best Power Bank for iPhone 2019: Canada best iPhone portable Charger 1

The RAVPower (Black) 22,000mAh Portable Charger also the best power bank for iPhone that have a 5.8A  charging Output with 3 Ports. This device has a Fire Resistant Shell made with alloy material which is used in Mercedes-Benz. Build with Panasonic IC Chip an advance power management with a 10 layer for safe protection. Can charge 3 devices at the same time using the iSmart 2.0 USB ports.

It can fully charge iPhone X by 4.9 times, iPhone 8 by 7 times, Galaxy S8 charge 4,4times, Galaxy S7 charge 5 times.

Inside the Box: 1 RAVPower Ace Series  22,000mAh Power Bank, 2Micro USB  Charging Cables, 1 Carry Pouch, 1 Lifetime Warranty Card, 1 User Guide. – SEE PRICE ON AMAZON

6 –RAVPOWER 26800mAh portable power bank 5.5A output 3 ports

Best Power Bank for iPhone 2019: Canada best iPhone portable Charger 2

The RAVPower 26,800mAh packs with 5.5A output 3 ports 2A input iSmart 2.0 USB pack. Compatible for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other Smartphones. It can charge 3 units of devices at the same time thanks to the powerful iSmart 2.0 USB Ports faster and safer. This monster Ravpower 26,800mAh can fully charge your phones by more than 5 times, a Tablets fully charge by 2 times. it weight about 1.01 pounds, color Black, date release July 2015. This is one of the best power bank for iPhone.

Best to charge this device by up to 13 to 15 hours fully charged to reach the best   performance of the device. You can use it by up to 9 days if fully charged. – View Price ON AMAZON


7 – ZENDURE Ultra Slim 10000mAh power charger

zendure ultra slim

This Zendure is Slim but very durable and fast charge, compatible with iPhone, Nintendo, and Samsung and other Smartphones. It is thin as iPhone X with just 0.59 thick and 4.1 in weight yet durable and lightweight that fits on your pocket. Can charge your smartphones in 30 minutes with 50% of power. – VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON

8 –  ZENDURE A3TC 10000mAh USB C power bank

zendure ultra durable 10000mah

Zendure (RED) A3TC one of the best power bank for iPhone very durable with 3A output, Zen+ TEchnology for iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus and more. Fast charge dual output with type C ports support 15Wm, 3 times  faster charging speed. It can fully charge your iPhone 8 3,6 times, iPhone X by 2.4 times, Galaxy S9 Plus by 2.4 times and compatible with almost smartphones and tablets. – VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON

9 – AUKEY USB C Power Bank 20000mAh portable Charger

aukey power bank 2000mah

AUKEY is compatible with iPhone, Nintendo Switch and Samsung and other phones and devices.

Products Features: Pack with 3 4A Dual USB Output very slim fits on your pocket and purse. Aukey power banks is safe and reliable using advanced safeguards that protect from excessive current, overheating and overcharging. With Aukey power banks you can charge with confidence. It is comoatible with most popular USB powered devices inludes iPhones and most Androids devices and Bluetooth headphones. With this power bank it can fully Charge iPhone XS 6 times Galaxy Note9 4 times. – VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON

10 – INIU Portable Chargers 10000mAh high speed 2 USB Ports with Flashlight

iniu power bank canada

INIU power bank is ultra slim phone charger compatible with iPhone phones and Samsung Galaxy phones and most other mobile phones and devices.

Product Features: High-speed charging using 2 USB Ports faster than other brands. Lighter in weight than the iPhone XS with only 7.4ounces. Gives you a real 10000mAh capacity of portable charger to fully charge iPad Mini, charge 2 times Samsung S8 can charge iPhone 8 3 times. Iniu power bank has the cute paw indicator that lights up when charging to know how much charges left. It has a handy and compact design built-in rubberized finish material that gives ultra comfortable on your hand. Highly compatible with most USB devices plus can charge two devices at the same time and it can go on the plane. – VIEW PRICE ON AMAZON

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